How Obama Ushered in the New Age of Christian Martyrdom

Everywhere that U.S. leadership helped Islamic jihadis topple secular autocrats in the name of “democracy and freedom,” indigenous Christian minorities are forced either to convert to Islam or die. Many are accepting death. Most recently, on August 28 near Aleppo, the Islamic State (IS or ISIS) tortured, mutilated, publicly raped, beheaded and crucified 12 Christians…


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Christians, shut your MOUTH!!!

Political gagging at play here??? Obviously we should be very sensitive to the Holy Spirit and his direction. Each situation requires us to know when to speak, and when we have cast pearls before the swine, and in doing so we must shake off the dust and move on to the next. But if it’s…


SICKENING video of Muslim extremist delivering a speech to a rally in Sydney

First thing, this political movement should be banned here in Australia, as it is in any other western nation, but as far as I know it’s not. I have read their constitution and it’s really disturbing. Second thing, understand what they mean by ‘Palestine’ and how much land it encompasses, and also understand what they…

Interfaith Alliances


When I hear about the atrocities happening around the world at Islamic hands (almost daily), and then I hear the cries from the leftwing progressives saying, we are only reaping what we sowed because of long history of Imperialism. I have to wonder at how short sighted they are. The above quote is taken from an excerpt of a book called “Islamic Imperialism, A History; by Efraim Karsh”.