Christians, shut your MOUTH!!!

Political gagging at play here???

Obviously we should be very sensitive to the Holy Spirit and his direction. Each situation requires us to know when to speak, and when we have cast pearls before the swine, and in doing so we must shake off the dust and move on to the next.

But if it’s just a matter of sharing and in some cases defending the testimony of salvation in general conversation, is that to be outlawed? We are told to make disciples of men…

An Employment Tribunal in London has ruled that a Christian occupational therapist was wrong to talk to her Muslim colleague about Christianity.

Victoria Wasteney has worked as a senior occupational therapist in east London for eight years and has an exemplary record.

But an Employment Tribunal has now backed Victoria’s employer, the East London NHS Foundation Trust, claiming that it was inappropriate for her to pray for her colleague, give her a Christian book and invite her to church events.

The decision leaves Victoria out in the cold for being open and honest about her Christian faith. It also leaves unchallenged workplace environments that are increasingly restrictive when it comes to discussing faith at work.

Victoria’s colleague had encouraged Victoria to talk about her faith, willingly agreed that she could pray for her and even accepted an invitation to a church charity event.

Despite the fact that Victoria didn’t force her views on her colleague at any point, in June 2013 her colleague made a formal complaint. Victoria was then suspended for 9 months pending an investigation.[source]