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‘Living Journey’ has three magazines that are updated frequently. It specifically deals with three main topics, those topics being … “Transhumanism & The Singularity“, “Liberties (that are being) Lost“, and “Wars & Rumours” of wars.

Each of these magazines have articles gleaned from the web, written by influential people. They have NO commentary from ‘living journey’ at all, they allow you to make up your own mind about each topic. You can subscribe to all three, or just one. But to really benefit from the information contained with any one of these magazines it is advised to subscribe to each one.  All three are somewhat related as we push towards a changing world because of wars, security and technology etc.  All three are part of the bigger picture.

They are updated more regularly than this blog. ‘Living Journey’ does not have any input, nor do we write any commentary to go along with any of the articles that ‘Living Journey’ includes in each of these three magazines. If we do come across an article that we feel needs more input or even more headlining, we will post it directly here, on the ‘Living Journey’ blog. For this reason, it is also advised to subscribe and follow the ‘Living Journey’ blog to stay up to date with any posts. Also, please feel free to subscribe and share any articles written here via social media and with friends. You also have that option within each of these three magazines.



Is time running out?

World events — are we reaching a predicted crisis?

The Daniel Project is a full length documentary made for secular TV and cinema around the world. Taking a look at the ‘signs of the times’, the atheist presenter invites the viewer to join him on the journey of a lifetime as the film investigates what the Biblical prophets had to foretell about the days in which we are living. Economic crises, an increase in natural and man-made disasters, wars and rumours of wars in the Middle East and the surveillance society are just some of these signs.

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The Daniel Connection

A chilling apocalyptic thriller based on The Daniel Project prophecies
A Studio Scotland Feature Film Production

As the world becomes further embroiled in financial instability and deteriorating weather patterns, an increase in natural and man made disasters and escalating terror attacks on a scale previously unseen, frightened citizens look for a World Leader – a man of peace – someone who can bring stability to the planet again.

As the root cause of increased terrorism is deemed to be religion, the heads of the major faiths come together and put their own differences aside to find a solution for the sake of world peace. They agree that ALL paths can lead to God, and, directed by their newly appointed Spiritual Leader under the simple global banner of ‘Love Good and Love your neighbour’ – they find a solution for even those with no religious beliefs to become a part of this world wide movement for the greater good.

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The Invasion is Happening!

Have you ever looked around at your local Churches, or even those around the globe and know there is something not quite right? Coming from a background where I was involved with the occult, I am quite horrified at how these very same practices that I was saved out from, have now entered the body of Christ! To find out more about this invasion of the body you can start with a dvd compilation addressing this very disturbing trend…
The Occult Invasion (Sound the Alarm – Vol 2) Featuring Deborah Menelaws and Johanna Michaelsen speaking on “The Occult Invasion.”

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