Ditch the lollipop, and get out of the playground!!!

This saddens me, but more importantly, it saddens God. As Christians, we are NOT suppose to compromise the Word and the Truths contained within it. We are not to change these either. WE are meant to change, we are meant to be set apart from the World and its burgeoning and ever changing social constructs.…


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Liberties Lost: Are we crossing that delicate balance between civil liberties and our perceived security? Is technological advances helping us, but also keeping us prisoners of our own devices? These questions you will be left pondering after reading this magazine which contains all the latest information regarding topics that you really should be interested in.…


Queer Bible – What Bread is this???

Check out the credentials from the following link about the ‘Queer Bible Commentary‘. Notice deconstruction/reconstruction, racism, feminism, and Marxism are all going to play a part in the background? The left are going to lap this up like excited little puppy dogs. Watch and wait to see how this will be steam-rolled into an interfaith/ecumenical, political…

Interfaith Alliances


When I hear about the atrocities happening around the world at Islamic hands (almost daily), and then I hear the cries from the leftwing progressives saying, we are only reaping what we sowed because of long history of Imperialism. I have to wonder at how short sighted they are. The above quote is taken from an excerpt of a book called “Islamic Imperialism, A History; by Efraim Karsh”.

Anti-muslim protest: Hundreds rally at proposed Sunshine Coast mosque – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

“This is nothing to do with race,” he said. “What Muslim preaches violates the laws of my country. It is an ideological, political organisation wrapped up in a very thin skin of religion. “I ask anybody to name any Western country in the world where there had been a large influx of Muslims where they…