How to use this site

They say to create a successful site you should stick to one theme but ‘Living Journey’ is different, it is far from being a one dimensional site. This site has a far reaching scope of interests. They range from the latest technical and scientific breakthrough, to the new spiritual paradigm, and questions if the two are related and becoming one. ‘Living Journey’ is documenting a pattern emerging that lets you put the pieces together. There is a new paradigm happening, and you can find the latest news on this site.

All of ‘Living Journey’s’ posts are categorised at the top of this site for easy selection depending on what you like to read. Alternatively, you can also access the ‘blog’ menu at the top of this site which will bring you to all of the latest posts regardless of category. You can also contact ‘Living Journey’ via the “Contact me here” shown in the blog post side bar. This is where you can subscribe via email to this site.

Last of all, ‘Living Journey’ has a Red Flag page, this page is a collection of posts that we have deemed to be of cautionary nature, you may want to check them out if you haven’t already. Some of them are a little controversial.

Feel free to browse this site and leave a comment.