Oh My Earth! Just die!

I_mother_earthJust woke up from the craziest dream. I dreamt that my mum had become a Roman Catholic. I was so distressed and ran off crying. She felt that she had sinned against mother earth and needed to repent and it was only the Roman Catholic Church that offered such forgiveness. I was in some old church that had a congregation filled with like minded people. I was shouting at them saying the following things…

…If you care more about worldly social justices, and your carbon footprint, and the earth in which you live in, and if you feel that you have sinned against these things, then I say to you… You do NOT k.n.o.w the GOSPELl! You do not KNOW that the gospel of the written Word is the ONLY thing to reconcile you to a vertical God. You only care about your earthly one! You sit here as unsaved people who have NOT been reconciled with God. Do you even know God!?! No, your god is the created earth and that earth suffers because of you. Even though you perceive you are doing ALL things right in the eyes of the world, and the created earth, you fall so short from doing so! You short sighted earthling parasites!

My exclamation to you is THIS …Oh My Earth! You are the greatest of sinners of this place! Oh My Earth! You are not even worthy to live here, YOU parasitica beings, that is lower than scum! Even the scum in your dreamed up evolutionary paradigm, the scum for whence you came was more beneficial to this place you call your god. For that scum in your evolutionary paradigm had the building blocks of life, but NOW, NOW you tear it down from even existing at all!

How you can sit here by pretending to be good stewards of your god and yet you still rape an pillage your god. Oh My Earth! Even if you have built yourself a home that is completely eco friendly, where your carbon footprint is not existent and you only eat grass to survive… then you STILL are raping and pillaging your god. Oh My Earth! What gives you the right to suck the very air that your god needs to survive?!?! What gives you the right to tread down on ONE blade of grass that even the tiniest microbe needs to survive.

Oh My Earth!

You are worse than the little ants that scurry around doing their business not harming your created god, yet you take and destroy their homes by ripping out from your created god the blades of grass like a cow, to feed your frail bodies. Oh My Earth! What gives you the right over that ant? What gives you the right to have access to the very air you breathe, when your created god requires it for the rest of the living beings who live in perfect balance with the earth?

Oh My Earth! You may as well end your lives now, for then the created god will be happy and at peace with those other creatures who wander over the globe in their perfected state of balance. Oh My Earth! Hold your breath until you fade from here… don’t rape and pillage anymore! And in doing so, hope that your life ends where it can fall into the created god and do a better job of sustaining the created system by becoming worms and nutritional fertiliser for this your organic created god. How dare you breathe! How dare you eat! How dare you multiply! All these things are sinful things against your goddess called earth and yet you still live! YOU HYPOCRITES! Why won’t you die!!! Die to become SCUM and let your god live!

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  1. http://www.theguardian.com/environment/blog/live/2015/jun/18/pope-encyclical-climate-change-live-reaction-analysis

    The Pope has warned of an “unprecedented destruction of ecosystems” and “serious consequences for all of us” if humanity fails to act on climate change, in his encyclical on the environment, published by the Vatican on Thursday.
    Senior Catholic figures in the US and UK have said the Pope’s central message is: what sort of world do we want to leave for future generations?
    The UN secretary general, the World Bank president, plus the heads of the UN climate talks and the UN environment programme have all welcomed the encyclical, along with scores of charities and faith groups.
    Church leaders will brief members of Congress on the encyclical on Thursday, and the White House on Friday on the encyclical. “It is our marching orders for advocacy,” said Joseph Kurtz, the president of the US Conference of Catholic Bishop


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