Should a Transhumanist Run for US President?


[…] it’s totally improbable a new independent party and its candidate will get elected. It probably will be impossible to even get on many state ballots. Obviously, I’m aware of that. Why do it then? Because it’s a start. And if transhumanists–a growing group consisting of futurists, life extensionists, biohackers, technologists, singularitarians, cryonicists, techno-optimists, and many other scientific-minded people–are serious about the pending future, then it’s time to get involved in the political game. Enough lawyers and politicians over the years have had their fill. Enough faith-touting Congress members have stifled this country. Enough WASP-supporting men have sat and tried to dictate its terms for too long. Transhumanists must get involved to protect and usher in their futures.

The transhumanism movement goes back decades, to a time when philosophers, futurists, and scientists began understanding how fast technology could solve all the world’s problems. The movement has continued to grow and is now spreading amongst the youth like wildfire. There are many employees at major tech companies like Apple, Facebook, and Google who subscribe to transhumanist aims.