Scientists create ‘supermouse’ with half-human brain |

As in the days of Noah!  Daniel the prophet,  spoke about the mixing of seeds,  could this be what he meant?  One thing I know for sure,  God created each species according to their own kind,  this mixing goes directly against original order of things. 

Even though there may be great medical breakthroughs because of this,  we have to wonder if the are sound moral and ethical laws from preventing this type of thing from going too far, if it hasn’t already. 

If we look at ancient mythology,  we see a belief in man cross animal in art,  religion and stories.  Was this mythology based on fact?  Was it something that happened in some deep past of human history  thus type of mythology is global in practically every culture.  We’re these depicted hybrids in the days if Noah. Are we seeing our past history repeating? 

SCIENTISTS have created a ‘supermouse’ four times smarter than a normal mouse to better understand human brain disease.

University of Rochester Medical Centre researchers injected brain cells from human foetuses into newborn mice, creating animals with half-human brains.

They found mice with human brain cells had memories four times better than their siblings who weren’t injected.

“We can say they were significantly smarter than control mice,” lead researcher Professor Steve Goldman told New Scientist magazine. “These were whopping effects.”