The Invasion is real, and it is happening!!!

Do you often look around at your local Churches, or even those around the globe and know there is something quite not right? I know I have. Coming from a background where I was involved with the occult, I am quite horrified at how these very same practices that I was saved out from, have now entered the body of Christ!

To find out more about this invasion of the body you can start with a dvd compilation addressing this very disturbing trend…

The Occult Invasion (Sound the Alarm – Vol 2)

Featuring Deborah Menelaws and Johanna Michaelsen speaking on “The Occult Invasion.”

Are occult practices invading the church? Deborah Menelaws and Johanna Michaelsen are researchers and authors who have a knowledge of ancient and modern world religions, contemporary cults, paganism and the occult. Deborah & Johanna examine several practices in the modern church in the light of The Holy Bible and their own experiences within the occult before becoming Christians. [source]

I realise that this is a sensitive topic, but it is one that needs our attention, especially as we are living in the last days. God is surely doing His housework, and cleaning His house. This is something that we should expect to see as we get closer to His coming. It’s NOT going to be an easy ride for those who remain faithful to His word, we are called overcomer’s for a reason. We are in a race and we must never waver from the narrow path. Please consider purchasing this dvd if you have any concerns about your place of fellowship or your Christian brothers and sisters who may have fallen under a very deep spell of deception.

(I am also aware of another dvd compilation coming, which has the same speakers, and is being put together as I write this.)