The Daniel Connection – it all starts in Scotland…

Here is some exciting news. There is a new film about to premier in Scotland called “The Daniel Connection”. I have put a milestone countdown to this major event in the footer of this blog. I for one really hope it comes to a theatre near you. A LOT of research from the world’s top experts from a range of different fields have gone into this new film. It’s been many years in the making and it’s only a matter of days before it is shown to the world. Never before has a film been made that takes us on prophetic journey of end time events. Like I said, this film has been thoroughly researched with leading worldwide experts. It’s one NOT TO BE MISSED…

A chilling apocalyptic thriller based on The Daniel Project prophecies
A Studio Scotland Feature Film Production

As the world becomes further embroiled in financial instability and deteriorating weather patterns, an increase in natural and man made disasters and escalating terror attacks on a scale previously unseen, frightened citizens look for a World Leader – a man of peace – someone who can bring stability to the planet again.

As the root cause of increased terrorism is deemed to be religion, the heads of the major faiths come together and put their own differences aside to find a solution for the sake of world peace. They agree that ALL paths can lead to God, and, directed by their newly appointed Spiritual Leader under the simple global banner of ‘Love Good and Love your neighbour’ – they find a solution for even those with no religious beliefs to become a part of this world wide movement for the greater good.

As a new unrest grows among the people of the world, the Spiritual Leader’s retribution increases against anybody he perceives to oppose his plans to install the New World Leader into the most hotly contested piece of real estate in the world – a new temple to be built in Jerusalem – where he will be ‘worshiped’ in the place of God.

When people start to go missing – coupled with increased sightings of UFOs around the world, detective Brian Farrow and feisty young radio presenter Dani Makovitch find they share a common bond when they start to question the true purpose and origins of the Federal Protection Force. As they uncover the truth from ancient documents, they quickly come to realise the one burning question that needs to be answered is; can the FPF be stopped or is it already too late?

Based on the investigative feature documentary The Daniel Project (, The Daniel CONNECTION is a disturbing thriller that tells us the clock is ticking. We can certainly run. But we just can’t hide.