Handprint of God…

Have you ever wondered if the different cultures around the world share the same story? Did God leave His footprint within other cultures through stories or even written languages? If God exists, then wouldn’t we find evidence of stories that have the same theme behind them? Well, with all of the research and reading I have done, I can answer… YES!

Take a look at these pictures of ancient Chinese writings…

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If you are interested in learning more about this, I have found a brilliant slide show for you to watch. You can find this HERE.

I have actually been able to witness to some Chinese and even Japanese with what little knowledge I have regarding this type of writing. Each and every one of them found this to be very interesting, and wanted to know and learn more. I had little time with these people, but I trust that the Holy Spirit opens their eyes to actually understand how we are all created from the same God, and that in fact we are not only related as we share the same human history, but we can be brothers and sisters in Christ.