How are we to love?

I can’t tell you how many times I have debated other Christians about the issue of other religions; in particular that one religion which is now a household topic across the globe, Islam. I have many Christians say to me…if I was a Muslim, why would I want to convert to Christianity when so called “Christians” aren’t showing love!

The truth of the matter for me is this, I know how to separate opinion from person. I also know that to love the unsaved means to share the Truth of Salvation found ONLY in our Lord Jesus Christ. Love does NOT mean to join hands and equalise all religions as if there are other paths to God.

The other thing which should be obvious is that when I post on my Social Networks, I am posting to other Christians about Islam, and I would most definitely take a different approach to a Muslim in my “actual” life. So yes, I do post about other religions and how they fail to lead to the Salvation Message, that being the cross and everything that goes along with it. And I do point out the many glaring differences found between the bible and the Koran. And all of this MAY sound a bit harsh. But in reality, I would do the exact same thing person to person, AND (and this is a big AND) I would do it with the love for the other person as they are created in the Image of God! What I write on social media cannot show the heartfelt love I have for the unsaved. Social Media is really a poor format for such complicated matters and anything that is written can be perceived a myriad of different ways by the reader.

A recent post by Bill Muehlenberg has succinctly shown just how far well intentioned Christians are going in how they approach people of other faiths. They are showing “solidarity” towards Islam via a number of means. Just think about the word, solidarity. It actually means… “unity or agreement of feeling or action, especially among individuals with a common interest; mutual support within a group.” He raises an important question… is this the right way to go? Is it biblical? And should we, as Christians, show unity?

I guess the question every Christian must ask themselves is this… what is love? And will our love (how ever we choose to show it) point to error, repentance and to the ONLY way to God?

Please take the time to read Bill Muehlenberg’s article…

Now, are Christians to love Muslims, or atheists or Satanists or cultists for that matter? Absolutely. But of course you don’t love them by defending their false worldview, by telling them they are just fine as they are, and by pretending that their beliefs are no better or worse than your beliefs. That is called syncretism and compromise, and that is how we destroy the gospel of Jesus Christ.

When Paul came to Athens with all of its idols and false gods, he did not seek to establish an interfaith service, or promote religious harmony, or set up an ecumenical movement. In fact, we are clearly told that Paul was “grieved in his spirit” (Acts 17:16) over all these idols and false belief systems. Thus he debated with the Athenians in the hope of showing them biblical truth.

Sure, he sought to build bridges with them and so he quotes a few of their poets and philosophers. But this was certainly not in the interests of just getting along, or of showing solidarity with people of other faiths. He built apologetics bridges in order to reach them for Christ and deliver them from their false and dead-end religions. [source]

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  1. Ecumenism does nothing but muddy the waters. If Jesus is the way, and the truth, and the life, there is no room for us to affirm someone in their false beliefs. I absolutely agree with you.


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