We are losing our civil liberties!!!

Slowly but surely, each and everyone of us in the West are losing our civil liberties. Of course I understand that if we have nothing to hide then this shouldn’t worry us. But there are implications that have far reaching affects. On one hand, I am glad that any terrorist attack is thwarted because of information that governments have, that is NOT a bad thing. But with all of the technology that we have willingly attributed to our every day lives, there is no such thing as privacy anymore. You could say that we have lost the battle of freedom.

Australian PM Tony Abbott says certain freedoms may have to be forfeited in the name of security, after major anti-terror raids last week.

His government would seek broad powers to fight the rising threat of militant Islamists, he told parliament.

New laws would criminalise travel to conflict areas declared off limits.

Australian authorities believe at least 60 Australians are in the Middle East fighting with Islamic State (also known as Isil) and other militant groups. [source]