ISIS – Do you understand how far back this goes???

dc96cb4158ac499e481742b8f862645eI have known for at least fifteen years that Wahhabism is one thing that the West needs to know about. Both “Bush” presidents Rockefellers , CIA, Hitler, Nazis, Soviet Union are all involved… this goes back to 1922 when Arabia was carved up by Britain and France. For me it explains why the Soviet Union was broken down and why the US had a key part to play in this, and why it is that Putin wants to rebuild it (by the hook of the jaw). It explains about Bin Laden’s family and the Bush family having carved a deal starting ARAMCO with the help of the CIA and the Nazis.

The Saudi/Nazi/CIA carve up was to include a broken up Soviet Union and the southern Asian underbelly of the Sovet Union.

I reckon every president from around the 1920-30s are literally playing into the hands of a deal struck back then, President Bush Senior and Junior merely cemented it. It explains Wahabbism and where it’s filtering its money; religious extreme wahabbist education, submission etc, to rebuild the carve up that happened in 1923-30s. If you think about ISIS, I can bet my bottom dollar that although ISIS/ISIL/IS seem rogue, they have only just started and they are backed by The House of Saud, and the US won’t do much because of the deal brokered in the early 1920-30s. I think you will find this most interesting. [download the PDF FILE to learn more about this, it’s absolutely fascinating. If you don’t have a lot of time to read, just do a word search for “Wahhabism” and read from there, that’s where it gets REALLY interesting]