Two Rants…

I honestly think that the koran should be high school reading and studied along with Islamic history and exactly how this evil political ideology was spread , along with islamic abrogation of text, and islamism Sharia law. I get so sick of spoon feeding ppl with facts that they themselves with a little effort can pick up a few scholarly books and research it for themselves. I have spent close to twenty years researching this before the word “Islam “, “koran” and “Mohammed” were common household words. Back then, I couldn’t even get a koran to read from the book store. FACT! The koran was so unheard of that when I asked for it they asked me “who wrote the book” so they could search for the author. And It’s all these ignoramuses who haven’t the mental capacity (or are just happy to be dumb sheep and let the media tell them what to think) to research it for themselves who say ad verbatim “Islam is a religion of peace “. And the arguments they use are laughable and quite honestly not worth my time. Not when they have their arse up and head in the sand. They simply just haven’t the mental ability to see past their immediate comfort zone. They cannot see the forest for the trees. And if I hear one more time…. “oh, but I know a Muslim and not all are like that”, I swear that argument is laughable. I actually question their ability to understand plain English. Go read the koran for yourself, learn about abrogation of text and how it applies and learn about Islamic history. Start there. Then come back and perhaps I would take anything they had to say into consideration. RANT OVER, BYE!


Apparently the new mantra is: Homophobia is a mental illness. FIRST, a phobia means an irrational fear. I know of many ppl who think along biblical principles concerning sexual persuasions that deviate from male and female, these same pp do not FEAR homosexuals or other sexual persuasions that deviate from male and female. SECOND: if they believe that it is a MENTAL ILLNESS, then why are they not tolerant of MENTAL DISORDERS???