Man + Machine… Closer than you think!

images-3The human body has the potential for amazing feats, but it also has built-in limitations — we can’t hear certain tones, we see a limited range of colours, and we can’t feel magnetic and electrical fields around us the way some animals do.

Some people choose not to accept those limits.

Neil Harbisson was born without the ability to see colour. Now, he can perceive more than 360 colours and even discern the infrared spectrum. Kevin Warwick, the U.K.-based cybernetics professor and author of “I, Cyborg,” was the first person to implant a RFID chip into his arm, which then connected to systems at the University of Reading and could open doors and turn lights on or off. He even connected his nervous system to that of his wife, so they each could feel what the other person was feeling. Amal Graafstra, the founder of Dangerous Things, sells a kit for $US99 that you can buy right now and use to put a RFID chip in your own hand. [source]