The man behind Facebook’s artificial brain attempt (Wired UK)


… [With that pedigree] it’s no surprise that Zuckerberg asked LeCun to help the company make sense of all its data. After all, the social network has been busy acquiring companies — like the virtual-reality company Oculus, solar-powered drone maker Ascenta, and WhatsApp — whose products could benefit from the type of AI LeCun pioneered.

LeCun is actively looking to hire more AI talent at the company — Rob Fergus, with whom he collaborated with at NYU, is already part of his team at Facebook — and he’s been tasked with turning the AI lab into a world-class research outfit, a place to compete with Google, Microsoft, IBM and Baidu, to be sure, but also an operation that harkens back to Bell Labs, which served as a breeding ground for innovation and the birthplace of many of the technologies we take for granted today, including deep learning.