Understanding The Historical & Biblical Significance Of What Is Transpiring In Iraq

Interesting thoughts on the unfolding crisis in the Middle East. Remember that what is happening in the material world is just a microcosm of what is happening in the spiritual one.

We are at war, but not with flesh and blood… although many would disagree with this, we are at war with spiritual principalities. Make sure your Godly Armour is on. I have had at least six months of heavy burden on my heart, mostly about the children, and it was only yesterday that I learnt that ISIS was beheading children. If we in the West can do nothing buy pray, then that is what we should do.

Just a quick note, I quite a few years ago I had a dream… I documented it here on this blog. It’s called “The Sword and the Dragon”. If you do a search for that in my blog you will read about this dream, I do now believe that God gave me this dream.

The next posts will be a few bits of information for you to glean through.

In Christ


'I Am NOT Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ!'


Last night President Obama authorized military air strikes to prevent ISIS from taking the City of Erbil.  I wanted to know why Erbil?

It brought many questions as the world has watched one city after another destroyed with thousands slaughtered in the wake of this barbarous, demonic rampage by ISIS, declaring it’s own caliphate.  Why Erbil?  He cited the fact that we had a large consulate and many Americans there, it also appears that Iran has had a huge presence and Consular General there since 1992, but what is so important, what is the value of Erbil?  It turns out that this city dates back to 6,000 BC and is rich with pre-Islamic history, as well as a rich Biblical History.  It’s one of the oldest, continuously inhabited cities in the world.  It was appointed Arab tourism capitol and this year became a UNESCO world heritage site.  It was mentioned…

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