Article: Hearables are answering the call of the wearables

He who has an ear, let him hear…the link below gives you a WHOLE new take on that verse.

Forget your Fitbit band. The single most iconic wearable of the computing age are … iPod earbuds.

Perhaps the much-rumored Apple “iWatch” will instead be an “iHear” device chock full of computing and sensors, monitoring our activities, our bodily functions, and vocally relaying critical information as needed? Like any good wearable, it will be connected to the cloud and to our smartphone.

Hearables are here
It’s admittedly not uncommon these days to spot someone sporting a wearable about their wrist. Even Apple’s Tim Cook has professed his fondness for the recently discontinued Nike FuelBand. But wearables are not just for the wrist, and perhaps not even best for the wrist. The Push has already showcased sensor-laden wearable tees, wearable onesies, eyewear, even wearable socks. Ears are the next, possibly best, frontier.