How did multiculturalism give rise to Islamism???

I have just come across a very interesting article that explains the reason behind a question that most people in the west have asked themselves at some point. The question is there a connection between multiculturalism and the rise of islamism is pivotal in understanding the rise of islamism in the West today.

Clearly multiculturalism has failed some groups, why is this so? There is a term that was used in this article which I liked… “inverse segregation”. Multiculturalism isn’t the answer and the West would be wise to wake up to it…

The Islamization of Western Muslim communities has occurred with government assistance, which, through imposed policies of multiculturalism in the name of diversity, has effected the destruction of South Asian culture.

imageBritish multiculturalism has encouraged British society to exist as a federation of communities in which each minority community was not required to adopt the values of the majority. This inverse segregation only served to chain particular communities to their self-appointed community groups. Among Britain’s South Asian community, these groups were Islamist-run. Consequently, multiculturalist polices served to homogenize a community whose very diversity it had promised to preserve.

Former Islamic extremist Ed Husain has referred to the result of “25 years of multiculturalism” as not “multicultural communities” but plural “monoculturalism.” Husain recalls:

“Many Muslims want to live apart from mainstream British society; official government policy has helped them do so. I grew up without any white friends. My school was almost entirely Muslim. I had almost no direct experience of ‘British life’ or ‘British institutions’. So it was easy for the extremists to say to me: ‘You see? You’re not part of British
society. You never will be. You can only be part of an Islamic society.’ The first part of what they said was true. I wasn’t part of British society: nothing in my life overlapped with it.” [source]



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