How society will accept the unacceptable…


I wonder how long it will be until there will be some kind of sympathy for pedophiles. Will we be the generation that starts to become so progressive that it will call even this type of evil good and biblical morality evil? I watched  a program called, “four corners” last night which was about that gay couple with their little adopted boy called Adam. Both fathers are serving time now, but it was an insightful program about the whole “man boy love” role that pedophiles go through. They were sexually abused as children, and they are taught how to love a man and be the boy, but then they grow up and they are guided into how to play the man and to love a boy as a man. Hence the role changes and progresses. The “man boy love association” says that children are taught by the general community that sexuality like this is wrong, and if society didn’t teach this kind of love as being wrong, then children would know no different and in fact, they would actually benefit from this adult/child intimate relationship. They are turning the tables on the greater society and its morals. Who are we to judge this sexual persuasion? And because we do judge this to be wrong that is why children feel guilty about it. Evil good/good evil.

I know it is sick and wrong, but last night I saw very clearly how they’re conjuring up sympathy for the pedophiles. About twenty years ago I researched into NAMBLA, (a legal website which stands for North American Man Boy Love Association) and I read a lot of articles on there and it confused me. But after watching that program last night, I saw how it all works and how it is working now. Even one of the father’s psychiatrists said how the father wasn’t actually a predator or even a pedophile and showed a sympathetic streak. This doctor was an independent doctor. It is as clear to me how this is going to play out as I watch and see on social media how they are now coming out saying that this kind of relationship doesn’t hurt the child. I see it almost daily now, and even with me posting what these people say is desensitising the issue. But do we pretend this is NOT what they are saying? It’s a road that society is on regardless.

It would be better for them to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around their neck than to cause one of these little ones to stumble. Luke 17:2