The bible Speaks for Itself…

Understand-Bible018When you are with ppl who are biblically ignorant who have seen films like the new Noah film, and then they quote it as if being true, we should be there with answers. I did this for around four hours last night at a party I was at on other biblical topics. I ALWAYS brought it back to the bible and I said to them, if you really want me to be a part of this discussion then I will only come to this discussion through a biblical lens. And EVERYONE that I spoke with (even though they disagreed, but some were having their minds click over with a different paradigm that I was showing) each of them respected what I had to say. Some would say things like…. well, the bible was stories and passed down like chinese whispers and I would say. Well, if you are going to talk about the bible, then LET the bible explain itself. It’s akin to talking to a mathematician and saying well yes, “1” is the value of “1” but 1+1 = 3… but the mathematician has every right to let maths be the decider of it’s own value, your opinion is irrelevant.


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  1. in the past, I do the same you did which is why I am not invited to those parties anymore. Its easier to lead someone astray than to convince them they are already led astray and need to repent and turn back to God.


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