Western Left vs Eastern Left, is there a difference?


Recently I wrote an article about the differences between allah and the God from the bible. I have previously stated that Islam, according to the bible, is an antichrist religion. You can find that post HERE. I have also been quite vocal on FB about my concerns for Sharia Law which is creeping into Europe and into certain pockets of the West. Again, I have voiced my concerns both here and on FB and I am free to do so, it is my right to do so.

All of my concerns have had mixed reactions. There are some who understand where I’m coming from and share the same concerns, but there are others that really don’t see it, or at the very least, they don’t want to voice it as they see it as too divisive or perhaps because of fear. In fact having the opinion I do has been regarded as close to what the Jews went through in Germany; ostracising and hating a minority group.

This confuses me a bit. Why is it that the Western Left appear silent to atrocities that are carried out not only towards the body of Christ (see THIS article which shows you where a large percentage of Christians actually live. It may surprise you!) but to moderate muslims as well! Surely the left would be the FIRST group of people to speak about a right wing Islamic fascist ideology?

“In politics, Right, right-wing and rightist are generally used to describe support for preserving traditional social orders and hierarchies.” This describes Islam. “Right-wing nationalism was influenced by Romantic nationalism in which the state derives its political legitimacy as an organic consequence of the unity of those it governs. This includes, depending on the particular manner of practice, the language, race, culture, religion and customs of the “nation” in its primal sense of those who were “born” within its culture.” This too describes Islam. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Islam is hard core right wing! Yet, hard left is silent? This really puzzles me.

Notice I mention the Western Left! Is there a difference between the Western Left and the Eastern Left? Is this difference felt in the East? Does the Western Left have any realisation of a perceived difference, are they away of one? Well, that topic and perplexing question has been addressed by a left wing author, Karima Bennoune’s book called,  Your Fatwa Does Not Apply Here.


The Hitler-Stalin pact between the Western left and the Islamist organizations turned the Arab left into non-persons who are ignored unless they play into the Western preconceived narrative about Islam.

Karima Bennoune understands that and Your Fatwa Does Not Apply Here is carefully packaged in the moderate Muslim formula. Bennoune speaks of people of “Muslim Heritage” to maintain appearances, but the bulk of her heroes and heroines are as secular as her. What she is really writing about is the social struggle between the Arab Left and its Islamists allies and enemies.

If Bennoune occasionally sounds like a Western conservative, denouncing the Western left for drinking the “multicultural Kool-Aid”; it’s because they both share a common enemy in the Islamic populism funded by Saudi oil money and championed by Muslim Brotherhood front groups that is overrunning the West and the Middle East.

The alliance that Bennoune describes as the liberal “tactical alliance with the Muslim right against the Western right wing” is the background to her book. It’s that audience of Western liberals who have issued their own Fatwa against the Arab left whom she is trying to reach with personal stories of the struggle against the imposition of Islamic law; including her own story and the story of her father.

Western liberals are always on the lookout for books that will make them see the world in a whole new way and Your Fatwa Does Not Apply Herecertainly performs that function, but what the University of California professor is really trying to do is deprogram liberal readers who have absorbed too many trite lectures on Islamophobia from Muslim Brotherhood activists.

Outwardly Your Fatwa Does Not Apply Here may be packaged to fit into the moderate Muslim narrative, but inside it often becomes as direct and abrasive as its title. “Fundamentalism will not win, even if they say, ‘Allahu akbar’ all day long,” she quotes her mother as saying. “Who will be Muslim after they have killed everyone?” another woman says even more directly to the point.

Bennoune writes passionately and well, but few in the Western left want to hear anything bad about fundamentalism unless it involves the Tea Party. As compelling as her narrative is, it will never be able to compete with the latest novel about a Muslim girl dealing with Islamophobia in America.

The Soviet Union cut the Arab left off, trading them for ties with Arab strongmen like Nasser. Now, just when the Arab left was hoping its hour had come, the Western left traded the strongmen for the Islamists. And that is a bitter pill to swallow.

In the Egyptian paper Al-Ahram, Nabil Shawkat wrote that “the next global cultural clash is not going to be between the West and Islam. It is going to be between Western liberals (friendly to the Islamists) and Eastern liberals (unfriendly to the Islamists).” [source]