Transhumanism and biblical prophecy – is there a connection???


The miry clay that I posted about recently could well be the mixture of technology and humanity. Transhumanism. If they develop this self-healing plastic/living liquid and then manage to use the same technology and mix it with human cells and DNA then potentially, humanity could live forever! In the book of Revelation it says that mankind will seek death but cannot find it. I wonder if that will be a point of human history where civilisation has the technology to become almost infinite beings!?!?!

There is a law called “exponential growth” and what has happened in the past and is happening now is that with each new technology break through, the next breakthrough is based on the previous one and soon enough you will have technology beyond our wildest imaginations.

There is a HUGE push towards increasing our longevity. I believe that the nephilim ARE involved in this and are behind this in someway. I also am starting to believe that the AC will be some sort of transhuman with unbelievable intelligence bordering on some kind of artifical intelligence all wrapped up in a man. Not a full on droid, but a human who will be hooked up into some kind of technological cloud and will be self healing. It says in Revelation that the AC dies, but then comes back to life and EVERYONE will be amazed! He will be the first to have this ability.

At some point humans will have this ability and by accepting the mark this will change our DNA and will give humanity this same ability, humanity will be hooked up to some kind of cloud and be controlled. This is where I see the verse in the book of Daniel where it says that knowledge will increase.

If you have the time, watch this video which will explain this technological exponential growth. It also talks about the “Cloud”.