Imams Explain..When to Beat Your Wife and When to Kill Her (Video)

Is this the face of Islam? I know that in the Koran it says that you can beat your wife. I would like to know your thoughts on something. Someone said to me that even in the bible it says that you can beat and kill an adulterer. How do we reconcile the law of God with the grace of Jesus and how he came to fulfill the law, he didn’t abolish it, he fulfilled it.

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Muslim Women Praying 1 (resized)

In this first video an Imam describes the types of women that must be beaten:

In this next video an Imam describes when it is okay to kill your wife:

In Islam, a man can lawfully kill his wife if she has committed adultery.

Editorial Footnote:  Adultery is the ultimate form of betrayal by the person that should be the most loyal.  Although, a law permitting the killing of one’s spouse for adultery should be applied equally.  A man should only have one wife, just as a woman should only have one husband and the punishment should be the same if either commits adultery.

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5 thoughts on “Imams Explain..When to Beat Your Wife and When to Kill Her (Video)

  1. Jesus said that He did not come to abolish the Law, but to fulfill it. He took on our death penalty for sin, all sins. The Law still stands, sin is sin, but under grace we are forgiven when we confess, repent, and turn from those sins.


    • Thank you. So, when you think about it all sin is a death sentence, even the smallest sin. God can’t look upon it and he can not share in it. So we shouldn’t be surprised to see such hard punishment in the OT. What we should understand is that it is only through Jesus that we are set free from what is owed us according to the law.


  2. Things were much harder before Jesus came and died for us. Back then, in the Old Testament, the only way to get rid of a demon, was to kill the person it inhabited! Oi! The one who kept sinning had to be removed from the rest of the people, or the behavior/sins would spread to everyone else. Sooo glad I was born after Jesus came…!


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