Happy Giving!

E20131020085553gift-wrappingI’m going to do a bit of fishing here: “Ultimately the joy of Christmas is in giving and we wanted to celebrate the thoughtfulness and emotion behind every act of giving this festive season. There’s a great sense of happiness when you give, whether it be purchasing the perfect gift for a friend or loved one, or simply giving your time to someone who needs it most. It’s that feeling that we wanted to capture with this year’s Christmas campaign – giving is happiness and it’s happiness to give.”

The above is taken from Westfield Shopping Centres around Australia, one of our biggest retail centres in this country. They have called this festive season Happy Giving.

Australian shopping centre giant Westfield has launched “Happy Giving”, a Christmas campaign celebrating the life of a boy called Nick who grows up giving away everything he owns. Shot in New Zealand, the #happygiving television commercial follows Nick as he grows older, giving away his possessions to people in need. The final moments of the ad reveal the iconic nature of Nick’s life. The campaign will be supported through advertising on catch-up TV, YouTube and a national social media campaign around #happygiving, raising awareness for Westfield’s charity partners, and also giving shoppers the opportunity to nominate the happy giver in their lives.

The little boy “Nick” gives everything he has to other people, and this Happy Giving is a Christmas campaign. I wonder if this little boy is a modern day St Nicolas?

My question is this…. Is the ultimate joy of Christmas in the giving as stated in the first quote of this post? Is this a clever consumerist ploy to get you to buy in a financial climate that is quite unstable? Is this a subtle way of being politically correct and taking Christ out of Christmas? I don’t want to read to much into this, but I have to be honest with you… these questions were the first to come to my mind as soon as I read about Happy Giving season.