Moonshots – A technocratic kool-aid!


There is a new term that I have learnt about recently called, Moonshots! What is it (or they) and what does it mean? Moonshot is about people who think outside the box, in fact there is NO box for these people, they are creators of technology who want to drive our world into one that is so advanced, we can only fathom. Apple speaks about Moonshots, google speaks about Moonshots, and basically the technocratic world is all about Moonshots.

So with Moonshots on the mind of so many companies, nations, and those who just love the thought of living in a sci-fi world, check out these most recent articles that I have found for you.

The first one is someones thoughts on living in a transhuman world. They speak about a certain enlightenment needed as man and machine become more intwined…

In order to be adaptive to a transhuman world, a heaven or an enlightenment merely for humans will not do; when the line between human and machine is blurred, those who seek transcendence will only find conflict and cognitive dissonance with faiths that preclude sentient machines, because the presence of sentient machines will be unavoidable.

Furthermore, this new religion will also offer a package of morals more suited to an age of advanced technology than older religions.  It must be new, in the moment, free enough to allow people their happiness but thoughtful enough to curtail the worst of human suffering. [source]

This next article is about living forever even if your body fails!

Imagine a future in which your mind never dies. When your body begins to fail, a machine scans your brain in enough detail to capture its unique wiring. A computer system uses that data to simulate your brain. It won’t need to replicate every last detail. Like the phonograph, it will strip away the irrelevant physical structures, leaving only the essence of the patterns. And then there is a second you, with your memories, your emotions, your way of thinking and making decisions, translated onto computer hardware as easily as we copy a text file these days. [source]

I couldn’t write this post without letting you know of another form of spying. This spying is geared for personalised advertising. Who is buying what, when and where…

A growing number of stores are using discrete and sophisticated technology — including mannequins with facial-recognition cameras hidden in their eyes — to track shopper demographics in an effort to boost sales. Retailers say the marketing data technology allows them to cater their business to customers better, but it’s also raising privacy concerns.

A well-dressed, picture-perfect mannequin stands still in a middle of a department store. She looks like any other life-size figure you’ve seen, except she can see and hear you. [source]

Then we have google talking about a ten year moonshot program. As you are aware, google has bought robots from DARPA, military ones… why?

A 10-Year Vision

Andy Rubin, the mastermind behind the Android  project, is heading up the robotics effort. This is his first big move since he gave Android over to Sundar Pichai in early 2013. Apparently, robotics has been on his mind for more than a decade.

“Like any moonshot, you have to think of time as a factor,” Rubin told the Times. “We need enough runway and a 10-year vision.”

It’s unclear just exactly how much Google is investing in this so-called moonshot, but the company has been snapping up robotics companies. The list includes Industrial Perception, which focuses on computer vision to allow robots to load up and unload trucks. Bot & Dollar is another Google buy. Its robotic arms helped film the movie Gravity. Schaft, Meka, Redwood Robotics, Autofuss and Holomni are also now owned by Google and could support Rubin’s vision.

“I am excited about Andy Rubin’s next project. His last big bet, Android, started off as a crazy idea that ended up putting a supercomputer in hundreds of millions of pockets,” said Larry Page, CEO of Google in a Google+ post. “It is still very early days for this, but I can’t wait to see the progress.” [source]

Here’s an article that questions what AI should be. Why should AI be like us? Why can’t AI think differently to humans? Could AI head towards something quite alien to us?

Why should our biological manner of thinking determine our approach to silicon-based circuits and electronic logic? Our machine creations are more profoundly divided from us than anything else in nature. They do not need to think like us to serve us, work with us, or even understand us – as our own relationships with nature should teach us at a glance. [source]

IBM is a big leader in deep learning machines. IBM really want to create a cognitive brain. And in fact it has 5 in 5 predictions for this coming year +4. The link to that is a MUST read; predictions are provided in the link within the article below…

This year, IBM researchers are exploring the idea that everything will learn – driven by a new era of cognitive systems where machines will learn, reason and engage with us in a more natural and personalized way. These innovations are beginning to emerge enabled by cloud computing, big data analytics and learning technologies all coming together.

Over time these computers will get smarter and more customized through interactions with data, devices and people, helping us take on what may have been seen as unsolvable problems by using all the information that surrounds us and bringing the right insight or suggestion to our fingertips right when it’s most needed. A new era in computing will lead to breakthroughs that will amplify human abilities, assist us in making good choices, look out for us and help us navigate our world in powerful new ways.

To get a sense of how learning machines will affect you, consider IBM Research’s 5 in 5 predictions for this year—five innovations that will change the way we live within the next five years… [source]

I honestly don’t see how there’s any stopping this. The exponential curve is definitely at play here. You ARE going to be hearing more and more about all of these things and even SEE them in your lifetime! Joining the dots and putting all of the pieces together and understanding biblical prophecy really leads me to believe that we are in the last days. I keep coming back to the book by C S Lewis, “That Hideous Strength”, where the elite technocrats kept the head alive in a vat with all wires and scientific know how, which symbolises the Beast/AC. How close are we to having a hive mind? How close are we until privacy simply DOES NOT EXIST!?!?! How close are we until our redemption draws nigh????

Moonshots – a drink that can take you out of this world and into a sci-fi paradigm? Or a drink that will mark your fate?