Are you free to follow Christ without experiencing intense persecution? How are you using your freedom?

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  1. With all the flavours of denominations, many of which are not using the narrow path leading to salvation but are parts of the wide path leading to utter destruction, one (not me) can be confused and not be on the right one. All followers of all paths/denominations can attest **they** are on the right path and are using their freedom to choose the one they did yet most would not be able to even cite the verse that speaks of the path!!! Their freedom to follow their current path they choose is what will sink them into the allegoric tophet (as in John Bunyons tale).

    I would suggest rephrasing the question to, “are you using your God-given wisdom to discern the garbage doctrine and user your free will get on the right path? or are you not free to change to a new faith because of slavery to the old path due to family, familiarity, habit, community, etc?” My personal walk is not well liked in my own family b/c of particulate doctrines I refuse to practice anymore which they still do. I adhere to Matt 10, Luke 14. Faith comes first.

    I use a few indicators which calls the false denomications out. Do they acknowledge and follow the 10 Commandments without personal or church sponosred non-scriptural-based interpretation? Do they endorse, encourage, participate in holiday traditions which are rooted in society yet the same are proven to be based in pagan practices. Once you get past these 2 items, 98+% of the false denominations are exposed for what they are.

    The term you use is freedom but I would instead use another like maybe bravery. That may not even be the best word. Are you brave enough to endure persecution of society and the ‘church’ to follow Christ? Are you willing to be shunned and scorned for trying to purify your faith? The greatest example is “The Pilgrim’s Progress”. Pilgrim was free do what he wanted. He took the step away from his family, his former life, being determined to seek the truth, to seek paridise trying to stay on the right path.

    Let me know if I’m not making myself clear.


  2. Austin K, you make yourself perfectly clear. I do feel that the bravery that one needs to follow the path is with the help of the Holy Spirit. And pointing to the book “The Pilgrim’s Progress” I do see the connections that you are making in regards to it. Great book!

    The point is we ALL break the law at some point in our “walking in the Way”. I thank the Lord that it was His work on the cross that saves me and not by mans traditions through religious institutions that continually bind us back into a law written by men.

    For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it. James 2:10

    I do believe that faith comes first and with that faith actions should follow. Faith without works is dead.

    If you have the time to read an article on the traditions of men, download this pdf file:

    Click to access Traditions%20-%20Final%20-%20Formatted.pdf

    As someone who was brought up in the Seventh Day Adventist, I understood all too well about the law and how if we failed in just one part, then we had to strive to do better and not fail with each passing moment of the day. This heavy burden of the law was felt daily among the SDA brethren. Is that freedom?

    In Christ



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