Facebook creates an Artificial Intelligence!


Imagine if you can, ALL your photos, discussions, like and dislikes and everything else in-between being gathered up for some kind of AI bot to glean every bit of information about you. Not only what you willingly put on Facebook, but also your on Second Though Back-spacing, which I previously posted about HERE.

“Facebook has created a new research laboratory with the ambitious, long-term goal of bringing about major advances in Artificial Intelligence,”…LeCun sits at the heart of a new AI movement known as “deep learning.” The movement began in the academic world, but is now spreading to the giants of the web, including not only Facebook but Google, companies that are constantly looking for new means of building services that can interact with people more like the way we interact with each other.

With deep learning, the basic idea is to build machines that actually operate like the human brain — as opposed to creating systems that merely take a shortcut to solving problems that have traditionally required human intelligence. [source]

How fast are things falling into place and coming together, HEY!?!?!