I AM a person!!!


Okay… this is REALLY freaky, and it falls in line with what I have been posting lately about robots, transhumanism and technocracy. You simply MUST go to the following article and listen to two short sounds bites of the interaction between Michael Scherer and this woman called Samantha…

This is how it starts, people. First we get our chatbots to sound and act realistic — and then we get them to convince everyone they’re actually human. Listen to this crazy conversation between Time’s Michael Scherer and a telemarketing robot who refuses to admit her true artificial nature.

Recently, Time Washington Bureau Chief Michael Scherer received a phone call from an apparently bright and engaging woman asking him if he wanted a deal on his health insurance. But he soon got the feeling something wasn’t quite right. [source]

If this is where we are heading then think of the implications. We will have taken ALL human compassion, empathy and care out of the equation. I mean, can you argue with a robot who lacks these basic human traits? I feel more and more like I am living in a sci-fi movie!


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