Super humans are on the way!!!

_wires_in_brain_plox__by_wunu-d4vt8eyI have just finished watching a short film about ‘Transhumanism’. It’s quite an eye opener. This film speaks about the three ‘Super powers’ that humankind is heading for. It speaks about the technological exponential curve, and how we may be closer to a humanity that looks quite different from today. Here’s the blurb, and then the film…

The first video by the British Institute of Posthuman Studies, entitled “PostHuman: An Introduction To Transhumanism”, investigates three dominant areas of transhumanist thought: super longevity, super intelligence and super wellbeing. It covers the ideas of Aubrey de Grey, Ray Kurzweil and David Pearce.

“Humanity is in an increasingly symbiotic relationship with technology. As it becomes more central to our daily lives, technology is having an ever-greater effect on the human condition, and this trend seems set to continue. Careful consideration and informed debate on a societal scale is essential, as the risks may well outweigh the rewards. We exist to bring that conversation about sooner, rather than too late.” [source]




3 thoughts on “Super humans are on the way!!!

  1. Great video. It reminds me of TomorrowLand in Disneyland when I was a child. All the best thinkers & industrialists predicted that we’d all be using video phones & own flying cars.
    While we can use Skype or a number of other protocols, the norm remains audio.
    Not to say that I’m discounting what these particular futurists & their think tank have to say about it all. It’s just that humans & their history are unpredictable.
    However; being a science fiction fiend all my life compels me to think another, better route to the future is in store; rather, than the now-possible realities set forth in the video by these people.
    All it will take is the discovery of an unlimited source of power, or a visitation from the stars & the discovery of a new concept that will allow us to transcend our present society, without being “transhuman”
    After all, 19th Century man didn’t implant its technologies into bodies, en masse & doubling our computing speed to an anomalous level perhaps isn’t as easy as it sounds. There’s always a “limit”, before achievement.
    But then, it’s my duty to pop bubbles.
    Great post.


  2. Thanks for the update. Alter our bodies? Aging is evil? Live as long as we want? What to do with the overgrowth of population? Surviving and passing on genes is bad? So God’s creation is evil? It’s not meant to make us happy, but to make us suffer? If we hope to increase the wellbeing of our species we must edit our genes? The least we can do is load the dice in our favor to create happy, content well species? They can sugar coat it any way they want. This is the same evil spirit that lived in Hitler, with his experiments in this and his perfect Aryan race. This is the same evil that has existed since the Garden of Eden. This has so many implications I can’t cover them all. But this is making man like God. Who is trying to do that? Who has been trying to do that since the beginning of time?


    • It really is a slap in God’s face, isn’t it! I will continue to post things like this as I find them. I really think that the body of Christ needs to know what the humanistic future is all about, and what its goals are. I have a strong feeling that this will somehow all tie in to the kingdom of the AC at some point, and maybe even the AC himself will somehow be an advanced human that will want the world to plug into.

      In Christ



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