Rags to Riches – Or riches that are actually rags?


There’s this video getting around that shows the transformation of a man, here’s the blurb…

This Incredible Time-Lapse Shows Us How Dignity And Respect Can Change A Man

There are more than 60,000 veterans homeless in America. We are not going to reduce that number with superficial changes and quick fixes. But what struck me about this time-lapse video is how treating someone with a little dignity and respect could change not only the man but how we see and feel for him.

I posted this transformation on FB and it caused a small debate about external transformations overriding internal transformations that only God can do. Some see this as a way to show God, through love and caring for a person, and others see this as a superficial transformation dealing with the flesh only forgetting the innermost man. The first being a pragmatists view, and the second being a spiritualised view. And I notices at the beginning of the video he was wearing a cross, then after the transformation it was replaced with a tie. Could be insignificant, probably is… but I noticed that.

The spiritual transformation is what Christianity is all about, not outward appearances. White washed tombs, the whole book of Ecclesiastes is dedicated to that understanding. But that is not to say that we shouldn’t look after our body, that being in the image of God. It’s when the outward man which is perishable is given precedence over the Spiritual one, that is the problem.

One thing I know for sure, without Christ and the renewing of our innermost man, no matter how expensive our clothes we are dressed in rags. Only with Christ as our mediator do we get to wear righteousness, that perfect unblemished wedding gown.


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