Cognitive Computing helping us to think!?!?!

images-1That ol’ saying… learn to think for yourself maybe something of the past, quite literally. A good friend of mine just posted something about Cognitive Computers and let me tell you that humanity is on the brink of looking, behaving, and THINKING a whole lot different to what we are today. How far away this high-tech augmentation is… well, that is something that is quite unknown to us plebs. But, I am sure there are corporations, governments and movers and shakers that are privy to a lot more than we could even fathom.

Today, I have read about DRONES being armed with laser weaponry, I have read about how net neutrality is on it’s way out, and there’s nothing you can do about it. And now there IBM is talking about Cognitive Computing wired into our brain so that we can decipher knowledge in abundance to come to decisions.

We’ve created a world of massive complexity and we need help making better decisions. Cognitive systems will help us overcome some of the limitations we’re encountering as we collect more information — whether it’s difficulties in processing large amounts of data quickly, drawing a big picture out of disparate data, or dealing with the sensory overload.

Cognitive systems will help us understand ourselves, our biases, and our reasoning. They won’t make decisions for us. But they will help us make better decisions in an ever more complex world.

All of these advances will add up to machines that can experience our environment and react to it. Since these computers will be our partners, supplementing our complex human skills of sensing, perceiving, understanding and interacting with the world, we will need to equip them with the ability to see, to hear, to smell and even to experience touch. [source]

May I suggest you have a quick look at this very short book at the end of this post. And once you have read it, think about this… Computers CAN be hacked! Imagine your brain being hacked by government!!! I really don’t like this. Also consider IBM in its early days was used by Nazi Germany for documenting the Jews and other so-called subhumans. You may want to read one of my older posts about this, you can find that HERE. so, where is all this technology leading us? Is it going to be a good think? Or could it be a good thing that goes horribly wrong? So many ethical questions surrounding all of this. Let me know what you think.


2 thoughts on “Cognitive Computing helping us to think!?!?!

  1. I love how your last words are… “let me know what you think.” The /related/ articles that are propagating on this post are further proof that these projects are moving forward at break-neck speed! Honestly, it’s hard to put into words what I think about all this… I just recognize a foreboding feeling within when I read. But all these plans of man are like water in the Lord’s hand. They think they are so big when all He has to do is tip his palm or spread His fingers and they are naught! All things according to His allowance. Maranatha!!


    • Lol… Didn’t even think about my last words. But what you say about God is spot on..we are entering a new phase of what it means to be human, that’s for sure. God will protect his own!


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