Hybrids and artificial wombs – Science Fiction, or not?


Very quick post about two things I have come across today. Back in 1996 in Tokyo, they had developed an artificial womb. I had no idea that this could be done! And now in 2013 I would imagine that the technology would have advanced quite a bit past what they could do back in 1996.

Second thing… animal/human hybrids in the UK!


2 thoughts on “Hybrids and artificial wombs – Science Fiction, or not?

  1. *sigh, sigh, sigh* Seems I do a lot of it anymore. That and lots of head-wagging! Amazing how so much of the evil tinkering going on uses health concerns and potential advances to make the “medicine” go down easier. And, having babies outside the womb really seems to be another slap in the face of God, as it was His pronouncement that pain in childbirth would be a consequence of the fall.


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