Homosexuality, what does the bible REALLY say…


Fact Checking Scripture Nullification on Homosexuality

By John B. Carpenter

By Dr. John Carpenter

Many people still hold the Bible in high esteem. As they should. It is the Word of God. But as the culture war fighting gets heated around the issue of homosexuality, some have tried to disarm what the Bible says on the subject. The routine of many Christians has been simply to quote some pointed Biblical passages about homosexuality, claiming (rightly) that that settled the issue. But there is now an arsenal of arguments by people claiming to be Christians, or scholars, who say the Bible doesn’t really condemn homosexuality; that translations that appear to show the Bible denouncing homosexuality are the product of a “homophobic” culture that distorted what the Bible really said. With claims as to the real meaning of words like “abomination” and “homosexual” in the Bible and the supposed back-ground of ritual shrine-prostitution, many Christians feel disarmed, as if their go-to scriptures have been nullified. The tactic is to so re-interpret passages that they are supposedly no longer relevant to the discussion. Like rendering an enemy’s weapon inoperable, the goal of such people is to nullify scripture. [read more HERE]


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  1. Good news folks! For all those who love their sin and want complete Biblical justification for it, helpful publishers are now quite happy to produce the Bible that fully condones and justifies your sin. Yep, if you are into adultery, you can now read in the comfort of your own home the new Adulterers’ Bible.

    Or is fornication your thing? No probs, we now have just for you the Fornicator’s Bible. Do you enjoy a bit of theft? Hey have we got the Bible for you: check out the new Stealer’s Bible. Is lying a pet sin of yours which you would love to stop repenting of and start enjoying? Then the Liar’s Bible is just what you need.

    Do you really think God is a figment of your imagination, but want a Scriptural source to promote this? Great, the Atheist’s Bible is just the thing for you. And have you always been a bit keen on kinky relations with your pet, but felt that it may not go down well in religious circles? No problems – just buy and enjoy the New Revised Bestiality Bible.

    Have you always wanted to cheat on your tests and not worry about honesty and morality? Then go down to your fav bookshop and get a copy of the Cheater’s Bible. And if you can’t resist going out and shooting anyone who rubs you the wrong way, then the Killer’s Bible is for you.



  2. activists are working overtime to conquer the Christian church with their theological revisionism and bogus “gospel”. They want to get believers to doubt their own Bibles and long-standing Christian beliefs on this issue, and fully capitulate to their agenda of iniquity.

    I have documented this time and time again, including in my detailed book, Strained Relations. Well, here we have another prime example of this. It is as mind-boggling as it is in your face: a real case of satanic subversion in operation.

    As one article states, “Fifty hand-picked Christians were part of a seminal conference last week planned by Matthew Vines, a 23-year-old gay Christian who believes Scripture allows for monogamous homosexual activity, in an effort to spread the idea in the American church over the next decade.



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