A brave new world approaches…


A couple of items of interest. Apparently there are quite of few people who have grave concerns about “Killer Robots”… and with good reason too!

Canadians are among the 270 engineers, computing and artificial intelligence experts, roboticists, and professionals from related disciplines who have signed an experts’ call to ban killer robots.  The experts say “given the limitations and unknown future risks of autonomous robot weapons technology, we call for a prohibition on their development and deployment. Decisions about the application of violent force must not be delegated to machines.” [source]

With all that is happening with technology, privacy concerns are an HUGE issue. Well…. I have just learnt about the latest thing from google called “Glass“.  It’s quite innovative. I know you have all heard of the “Google Glasses”, but this is one step above. What worries me is that anyone wearing these will have the capacity to do face and possible voice recognition. You can upload videos and photos of what you are seeing. Basically, the population will be doing the spying and the gathering of information, and this all goes on to the WWW, so who owns this information? Affectively, we don’t own our lives, and privacy (what little we have) will be out of the window. Perhaps it’s time we started wearing burkas!!!

And more on Google and AI…

Google video Early days of Quantum AI Lab.

And this site has a video about the “Return of the Ancients”, nephilim, transhumanism etc.