The Muslim, Nazi connection…


Muslim extremists were strong supporters of Hitler. Most Germans were either brainwashed or scared and that’s why so few did anything to fight or oppose Hitler. However many Muslim extremists VOLUNTARILY fought side by side with the Nazis until 1945 when it became clear the Nazis were going to lose the war. Many Soviet Muslims abandoned the red army to fight with Hitler. The Nazis and the Muslim extremists have very common ideologies and common enemies. They both hate Jews, they are both staunchly against communism, and they both wanted the British out of “Palestine”. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was a very influential Muslim leader at the time, almost equivalent to the Pope for Catholic’s. The Grand Mufti was one of Hitler’s strongest allies and actively recruited Arabs and Muslims across the world for the S.S. So “Palestine” and the Arabs were not innocent for the many atrocities of world war 2. [source]

Now look at the picture below, and just replace the word Muslim with Nazi! hmmmm