I just came across this site. I haven’t checked everything out, but I thought it would be worth blogging about for research purposes. There is a book called “The Transhumanism Pandemic: Sub-Humanity’s Messiah; Humanity’s Annihilation. That looks interesting too.

Brain-Computer (World CACH)

mind control


“Within 30 years, we will have the technological means to create superhuman intelligence. Shortly after, the human era will be ended.” – Vernor Vinge, Technological Singularity, 1983

Within these pages we take an informative and in-depth look into the construct of the extensive Transhumanism matrix in an edge-of-the-seat balance between an unfolding reality that could equally rival any Hollywood sci-fi, and the factual entanglement that we collectively explore as human souls.

A layered awakening is promised the reader with this unprecedented collection of data that is sure to blow open the boundaries of any mind. The tearing apart of this deeply infesting pandemic will be vivisectioned chapter by chapter, casting a line through the story of humanity to reach an unexpected hidden plan that will rewrite the end-game for many.

Through the timely arrival of this book, a (perhaps prophetic) early-warning red alert, we can finally resolve…

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