Sky trumpets…?

Something is going on, we all know it, but what is it? I have been seeing these you-tubes lately about strange noises in the sky. They are all over the world, and many people are quite worried about them. There are many theories, but I have no idea which one is right. But these strange noises have been given a new name “Sky Trumpets”. Some say they sound like a shofar and have likened them to the trumpets being blown in revelation. Are they? I have no idea. Here’s a video for you to watch…



9 thoughts on “Sky trumpets…?

  1. The LORD YHVH has many ways of getting our attention. It is time for fervent prayer with fasting since:

    We are in transition into a New Year (Rosh HaShanah 5774). May the children of the Kingdom of our LORD Jesus Christ fully realize the many Blessings that we can derive as we gain deeper understanding into the Holy Feasts of Israel; for your prayerful consideration:

    Kingdom Blessings, always in HIM… ~Santos


  2. UNDERGROUND BASES & TUNNEL SYSTEMS – Stewart Swerdlow on YT (research ) don’t just wonder It’s called D. U. M. B . Because they (gov) say the public is too dumb to know what’s going on right under their own feet ! Oh! BTW this mach they use to tunnel through the earth makes a loud humming sound like a chorus type of noise because it’s so powerful that
    it literally melt the underground rock into smooth shiny finish !


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