Jesus – the logos – and the bible…

images-3Recently, I came across someone on FB who was speaking about the bible. they mentioned that too many Christians tend to think that the Bible is God and consider it as being pretty close to the ‘fourth’ part of the trinity. This got me thinking about the verse where it says:

In the beginning was the Word (logos) and the Word (logos) was with God, and the Word (logos) was God. John 1:1

They were speaking about the gift of tongues and there was someone else arguing a cessationist point of view with them. They were accusing the cessationist for elevating the Bible over a real relationship with God who will speak to us personally through prophecy and tongues.  They said, ” Jesus IS NOT THE BIBLE”! Jesus is the living word, not the bible, the bible is inspired writings of men that were filled with the HOLY GHOST and spoke with other tongues.. They are a testimony that should lead you to a living relationship with the LORD as you read about their testimony and do what they DID..

This got me thinking about the verse in John 1:1 with the Word becoming flesh in Jesus and I found an awesome site that shows you Jesus in EVERY book of the bible. You can go to that HERE. That site is definitely worth taking a look at.



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  1. Please remember that the ultimate manifestation of the Holy Spirit is Love! Paul addresses this in 1 Cor 13 when he speaks about the manifestation of the Holy Spirit. All other workings of the Holy Spirit are considered nothing compared to love. So, even though we may disagree with things, remember to love one another in Christ, regardless.

    In Christ



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