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Recently I posted about the “next phase” in the plan. It was about a movie/movement called “Thrive” and how this movie spoke about the elitists plan for a OWG takeover is just around the corner. According to “Thrive” there is only one way to stop this tyrannical take over. And that plan has something to do with free energy for all which has been given to us by star gods and the ancients. This free energy has been represented by sacred geometry around the globe in many of the ancient cultures. I suggest that you read that post I made a few days ago to get a background of where this is going, otherwise this post won’t make a whole lot of sense to you.

I have recently watched a youtube with one of the game players from this movie “Thrive”, his name is David Ike. And before you go any further with this post, make sure you watch this fifteen minute video where Ike speaks about ancient places, and ancient lines which have some sort of magnetic force. It ends with a quote: The masters will walk among men; the Christ will reappear in physical Presence. Another thing will happen will be the Ancient Mysteries will be restored, the ancient landmarks will again be recognise. Go HERE to watch that.

Recently on FB, I had a friend who posted the following. This occult knowledge is being shared around the globe via FB and other social networks and the sad thing is, that most who become fascinated by it don’t realise that this is based on satanic writers such as Crowley, Blatvatsky and promoted by Lucis Trust. There seems to be a real amalgamation of ancient knowledge and the technocracy of today. It is a “supposed” solution against the coming OWO of which the masses are becoming fully aware. This I believe is the next phase and it is NOT an answer, as mosts people believe, but it IS part of the plan! This next phase will appear completely benevolent and very tolerant, being ALL inclusive. But in reality, this next phase is opening up people to a very dark spirituality, the dark side. And sadly, they don’t even know it! Aleister Crowley would have loved to see how popular this move is, and how seemingly naïve people are being sucked into the occult without even knowing it.

I believe that this next phase will be the one that the AC will reign in. At the very least, it is a very real possibility.

So, here is what is being shared on FB and other social networks…

Check this out. If vibration is the behaviour of energy, and the universe is energetic in nature, the shouldn’t we see geometry (the signature of vibration) in the energy of the earth? Among these grids is the the Becker-Hagens planetary grid. The 12 points of this grid were plotted originally by Ivan Sanderson who identified areas on earth where anomalous activity frequently occurred, such as weird geomagnetic activity and marine and aircraft disappearances. 

After discovering that there were 12 main areas that all of these activities seemed to be occurring (such as the Bermuda Triangle and Dragon’s triangle in Japan), he then noticed that they were also equidistant from one another. When you connect all of these points together with lines (called ley lines), you have a perfect icosahedron. Russian scientists Goncharov, Morozov and Makarov found that if you take this icosahedron and flip it inside out into the dodecahedron and then plot these new points on the planetary grid with the original 12 points of the original icosahedron, you now have a worldwide grid plotting every single major monolithic structure in the history of the world:

The Great Pyramid, Stonehenge, the stone heads at Easter Island, the sun and moon pyramids in Mexico. Ancient mystical sites, churches, temples, henges and burial sites were all build on these leylines. In fact, over 4000 sites of historical and spiritual significance were found on this grid. The Irish called these “fairy paths”. Germans called them “holy lines”. Greeks called them “the sacred roads of Hermes”. The Chinese called them “dragon currents”. Many other cultures also claimed they could even see these lines and build roads and buildings on them accordingly. Even Plato spoke about this in his work Timaeus and explains the grid as the synthesis of the platonic solids that constitute “the ideal body of cosmos”.

Geomtery is the basic behaviour of vibration. Vibration is the nature of the universe. This is just ONE piece of evidence that “sacred geometry” governs the structure and layout of the natural physical universe. Here is a mainstream BBC news article talking about the mysterious nature of these ley lines and the planetary grid.

Check out this video proving that vibration is geometry –https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GtiSCBXbHAg




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The Math of God – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIXcq_UPFKc

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  1. David Icke is well known to Brits. He started out years ago as a footballer (I believe) but went weird. He was mostly known then for his anti-Semitic views, especially that he denies the Holocaust. I cannot believe nutters like that get a following, but I’ve even seen Christians circulating his stuff, presumably because it fed their conspiracy theories.


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