ANKI – the company to watch!


At the beginning of this year, I did a quick post called 2012 – the year of the “Internet of Things”… I wasn’t really sure what it meant at the time, but things are becoming clearer.

There is this company called ANKI, and they are involved with making and marketing robotics and artificial intelligence. They have made cute little racing cars that interact with their environment.  The car is said to be ‘ALIVE’. They start off by saying…

We’re building on decades of scientific research to make artificial intelligence accessible to everyone.

This living car is just a front for further hardcore robotics and artificial intelligence…

Remember the cute Anki Drive demo from WWDC? Well what you might have missed is that the toy car racing game was just a front for a hardcore robotics artificial intelligence startup that could let machines understand exactly where they are in the physical world.

Apple CEO Tim Cook bolstered the startup’s lofty goal while onstage: “When we look at Anki Drive, we see the first steps of the future of robotics and artificial intelligence being realized. We see an entertainment experience transformed today, and we see countless possibilities in the future.” [find out more HERE]

The Artificial Intelligence Company You Should Watch

The opening of WWDC starred a demo by a company named Anki, which is building AI for real-life toys and games. It’s part of a plan to launch a new generation of machine intelligence for much bigger applications. CEO Boris Sofman talks about the challenges of building intelligent things. [read more HERE]