Are we approaching the next phase in the game plan?


Recently I have come across a movement called the “Thrive Movement“. You may or may not have heard of them. They have made a movie called “Thrive” which is a little over two hours long. It starts off looking very New Age then deals with topics such as the New World Order and the higher powers, those being the Rockefellar family, Rothschild’s and the Morgan’s. It basically exposes the plan behind what is happening in the world and they are spot on with this. The movie spoke about this energy field called the “Torus” and it spoke about how there have been many engineering experts in the past who have figured out ways to create “free energy” and how each of these people have died in unusual circumstances with their “free energy” machines and diagrams disappearing.

The information given in this movie was very interesting, but the New Agey feel to it disturbed me in a very ominous way. I wanted to find out more about this “Thrive Movement”. Who were they, who do they endorse, and what about the imagery used throughout the film and in their poster above? This was one LONG rabbit trail for me, and one that I want to share with you because I believe that those involved are game players without even knowing it.

This movement and others like it, could be the next step in bringing about the NWO even though the people involved with “Thrive” and similar movements are completely knowledgable of the “political/banking/company powers of this world” and their plan for world domination! This puzzled me greatly. It saddens me to think that they believe they are fighting against a OWG and NWO, but in all reality their answer and their fight is only going to bring about the very thing they DON’T want. That being a OWG!

So, let me start by saying if you haven’t seen the movie and if you have time to watch it, please do. But if you don’t I will endeavour  to explain this very complicated path to you.

The movie is produced by a guy called Foster Gamble, his family is linked to Proctor & Gamble, it is a Fortune 500 American multinational corporation. Yet Foster Gamble says he has NO ties with this organisation which is very suss indeed. Go HERE to check that out. So this is when my alarm bells were set ringing at this point. Follow the money trail and the connections!!!

Also, in the “Thrive” movie, Foster talks about this free energy. Free energy is the field around the earth and can be found in many different things.  Foster Gamble believes that this “Torus” has been given to us by star gods/aliens. He speaks about the “torus” being found in ancient cultures which can be seen in “sacred” geometry.

Why is it “Sacred”? He asks…Could it be that it is secret knowledge that has been passed down??? And down from who exactly would be my question? Gamble and the people he interviews agree to the fact that this “torus/free energy” has been around before and has been passed down from beings that are interstellar and far more advance than us. The “torus” can be found in crop circles around the world too. So in this movie there is a strong alien connection, this led me down another path to another player (more on that player later on).

In the book of Enoch ( The book of Enoch was quoted in the book of Jude), it speaks about the nephilim/watchers giving secrets of heaven to mankind. But because mankind was in a fallen state and these secrets would be dangerous for mankind, the flood happened. This could account for other cultures having references to ancient technology, perhaps even this free energy that the movie speaks about. Perhaps today the nephilim/watchers are passing themselves off as more advanced interstellar travellers and in some cases our creators. Are they interfering with mankind again!?! All of this is happening and perhaps this lines up with biblical prophecy; the bringing about the AC, NWO and One World Religion.

Another thing that is interesting in the “Thrive” movie is the graphics. It displays graphics of energy spots on humans that come from the heart, and there is a blue connection between the two humans from heart to heart. This is in reference to the Kundalini spirit. The Kundalini can be achieved through intense transcendental meditation. It’s about the Chakras being opened for enlightenment. Alistair Crowley and Madam Blatvasky and other occult practitioners were right into this.

The kundalini spirit is represented as a snake/SERPENT that sits at the base of the spine, the first chakra is opened and as you gain more enlightenment the snake/SERPENT uncoils till it reaches your daath or daat chakra which is sometimes called the death chakra. It is the abyss of death. It is symbolised as a blue colour in the throat, which points down in a triangle towards the heart. It is associated in Kabbalah with the Angel Gabriel, who is the angel who announced the coming of the Messiah to Mary and Joseph. He is also considered the messenger of God! This chakra also symbolises cleansing. It is the called the invisible chakra and is associated with the tree of life and with knowledge. It is the Chakra of nectar and poison, where good and bad fall away, and is the communication chakra with all manner of things, beasts, angels, higher beings etc,. More alarm bells are set off! I find it very interesting that this particular chakra is represented in this movie. This daat chakra looks like a crescent moon which is also seen in the poster encircling the earth with that angel of light appearing on the right hand side. This is all very occultic in nature.

Also, why did the Thrive movie come out on 11.11.11 and what’s with the one eye? And have a look at the earth and that light beam in the poster. It looks very much like an angel of light to me! This screams OCCULT to me!

Now, back to the whole alien/UFO theme. In the movie they discuss this “torus/free energy” as being passed down knowledge from star gods or “Sun Gods” in the movie. They also discuss that UFO propulsion may be used by this infinite “torus energy”. None of this surprises me. I remember reading a book about UFO propulsion and this was over twenty years ago, it was a Christian book, I can’t remember what it was called but the book was written over thirty years ago. It was exactly like what Gamble said, a “free energy” “torus shape” magnetic field. In the movie a guy called Dr Steven Greer is interviewed concerning this. Go HERE to watch a small excerpt of this interview. Dr Steven Greer is all over the “Thrive” website! He is the “other” player that I spoke about earlier in this post and is the director of “The Disclosure Project“. And all of this is connected! The “torus/free energy” and the aliens/UFOs and from what I have found out from watching another movie is that the Clinton’s and Rockefellar’s are all involved in this. 

Dr Greer is likened to a “fallout guy” and “A dead mans trigger”. He is the front man for disclosure and has produced a movie called “Sirius”.

I have been watching a youtube called the “Sirius Documentary”. I watched most of it yesterday, and I wanted to link to it today but it has been taken down for copyright infringement. But you can find out a lot about Sirius and ATA and get a lot of background information from other youtube videos, they are everywhere. The “Sirius” movie is about “ATA” a six inch humanoid and Stephen Greer is the director and producer of the film/s. In the “Sirius” film, Greer talks about his meetings with the Clintons, and Lawrence Rockefellar. Rockefellar had said to Greer that “THEY” have given Greer the green light to go with everything he knows about free energy and aliens. The movie starts with this…

Most ppl don’t know what a dead mans trigger is. And even fewer decline. Dead mans trigger is a safety valve. For reasons of security, a person prepares a recourse of such severe action that if harmed, they will release a cache of damaging evidence against those enemies. Given his situation, Dr Stephen Greer is one of those rare men. He’s the dead mans trigger.

Greer is linked with Laurance Rockefellar as well as with the Clintons. He said that Laurance Rockefellar said to him regarding disclosure and free energy, “”WE” really need you to do this!” My question would be, who is the “WE” and who are the “THEY” that have given Greer the green light to?This was all said when he was at some Rockefellar ranch discussing the Sirius/Disclosure project!

I’m just wondering if this is ALL in the game plan of the illuminati. Personally, I just think that ALL of this is just paving the way to a NWO with stargods/nephilim/watchers being introduced as our saviours from ourselves. ALL of this fits perfectly into biblical prophecy. Free energy would be great, but it would be part of the plan.

Also, it’s all very One Word Religion all in the name of peace. Peace won’t come to this planet without the return of Jesus, biblically speaking. The AC will be accepted as a [c]hrist/ and saviour of the world before it reaches breaking point. What a great gift this little [c]hrist could bring, peace in the middle-east, free energy for all!

Where could this possibly lead? Joining the dots regarding advanced free energy technology and advanced GRIN (Genetics, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence Synthetic Biology, Nanotechnology) technologies. See HERE and HERE. We are on an Exponential Curve towards something that is far beyond we could ever imagine. This Exponential Curve means that acceleration happens faster, and faster. Faster than we could ever imagine!

And from what I am reading and researching recently, the whole push for a tranhumanism/AI combined could really give a new meaning behind the scriptures in Revelation 13, where it says …

” And I beheld another beast comming up out of the earth, and he had two hornes like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon. And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein, to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed. And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.”


The image could well be a very advanced and genetically resurrected human (like nimrod, deadly wound healed!?! Nimrod was decapitated. This could also be in reference the passage in Genesis where the serpent/dragon/beast head is crushed by the promised seed of Eve, that being Messiah). Or the image could be one that is totally synthesised and part human and part something else. Especially when we consider ancient mythology where every culture there are beast and man combined or sun/star gods and man combined, and we have the nephilim mentioned in the bible. Or it could be all these things?

Of course I am just postulating a possible scenario. But joining the dots and linking the big players like the Clinton’s and the Rockefellar’s and major companies with movements such as “Thrive” (and others like that) and fallout guys such as Greer is raising some major red flags to me.

It also makes me wonder if the game is about to change. Are we on the precipice of some kind of disclosure with promises of free energy for all? Are these smaller players playing right into the hands of the NWO and One World Religion while exposing the “current” plan as evil? The green light has been given to a fallout dead mans trigger guy, and projects like “Thrive” will appeal to the world as we are fast approaching boiling point. The world is running out of combustion fuels, it is hungry and it is sick of governments that don’t look after the people. There are movements all around the world as people are waking up to the fact that a NWO is fast becoming a reality. But what they don’t realise is that the next step, although it seems to give us freedoms and a better life, is a step into a NWO that appears to be completely benevolent and has our best interests at heart. But in reality, it will be a highly spiritual inclusive organism, denying Christ and His salvation.

A MUST watch video:


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  1. Just to let you know that there are other similar movements around. Do you remember a post I made about Heart energy connecting the world….

    I just came across a youtube that disturbs me somewhat. It starts off by saying that research shows that there is some kind of magnetic pathway from one persons heart to another. They [Heartmath] are building 14 magnetic sensors around the world so that everyone’s heart can share good thoughts and well being towards one another. Hmmm… I wonder it this is legit and if great amounts of money is going into this, and where this money to build these 14 sensors around the world is coming from?


  2. Yes I do remember the post about heart energy! All of this is terrific information. I have heard of the Disclosure Project, Sirius and all those round table players. So much going on, it’s like Pandora’s box has been sprung wide open! What a time to live!

    Great research and post. I will enjoy going over all this again. You’re a good dot connector 🙂



    • Thanks. It’s quite hard for me to put into words such a big picture. I can understand it myself, but to write it in a succinct manner that makes sense to others is a challenge for me.


  3. The Kundalini can be achieved merely by doing the yoga poses themselves. That is why all public schools have the students do yoga daily as part of their educational curriculum.


  4. Excellent post. I am so pleased to be receiving your updates; thank you. I’m sure that you have delved into the work of the late David Flynn, and perhaps Dr. Thomas Horn. It appears that “Official Disclosure” is on the near horizon; it may trigger a significant part of ‘the apostasy’ of 2 Thessalonians 2:1-5… although I fear that the reality of Biblical Christians going through most of the ’70th Week of Daniel’ will likewise show the true colors of nominal western Christians- who will fall away when the serious persecution of the true children of the Kingdom accelerates. Please consider perusing my blog; and in particular these posts:

    May GOD the Father continue to bless and protect you by His Hoy Spirit- as you fulfill your precious Destiny in HIM… in Jesus’ Name, AMEN ~Santos


    • Thank you Zionsgate for your response. I am of the belief that Christians will go through part of the 70th week too. I am currently reading a book by Tomas Horn… it’s most interesting, I also have a book called “Corrupting the Image” by Douglas Hamp that I have to get too. I have several youtubes that are waiting in my favourite list, ready to watch, time permitting. Thanks for the links 😀 I am pretty sure we believe in the day of the Lord being between the 6th and 7th seal.

      May God bless you as you keep your eyes firmly in His Word.



      • Thank you my sister. Yes, we agree on the ‘trigger’ for the Day of the LORD following the 6th Seal… as I wrote in my posts on “The Last Days” Series. The true Rapture of the sons and daughters of the Kingdom should occur immediately prior to the 7th Seal being opened. We must be ‘prepared’ by His Spirit to endure, win the lost at any cost, and be willing to die according to Revelation 12:11. And yet, it would be so glorious to personally experience the ‘catching away’ without suffering death. His Holy Will be done- in Jesus’ Name, and for His Glory alone!


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  6. Very Illuminati! If you have not read them, check out Randy DeMain’s, Nephilim Agenda and Nephilim Resurgence. They will blow your mind! BTW, love the new look!


    • I will have to read them at some point. At the moment I am reading Tom Horne’s “Forbidden Gates” it’s all about GRIN technologies. Genetics, Robotics, AI and Synthetic biology, Nanotechnology.

      When I have finished that one, I have “Corrupting the Image” by Doug Hamp.

      thanks for liking my new look. I like it too. it suits the direction of the blog I think.


      • The same Tom Horne that wrote Exo Vaticana and The Prophecy of the Popes? I read those..and those are really good! I’ll have to check out Forbidden Gates. You probably already know, but you would love Gary Stearman–Prophecy in the news. And you can post vlemio videos on WordPress if you want to share his vids. He is really good and talks a lot about this stuff.


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