Third Temple — Is this the first step?



I just came across some news about the EU passing some law that allows Jewish people to go to the temple mount to pray. First off… why is this up to the EU or any other country for that matter, this is Israel a sovereign country, and the temple mount is part of Israel’s borders. Second, could this be the first step in the possible construction of the Third Temple. You know the temple I’m talking about … the one that the AC himself will sit in and act like some kind of messianic figure to suck in the world; including the Jews who will receive him despite their own history which pretty much tells them not to trust a leader who comes bearing gifts. Maccabees is a book that I highly recommend as it speaks of their history with a leader who is but a shadow of THE one to come. Jewish people still celebrate the feast of Hanukkah to this day. But, as Jesus said… I have come in My Father’s name, yet you don’t accept Me. If someone else comes in his own name, you will accept him. My prayer (along with other issues) is that more and more Jewish people recognise their Jewish saviour and messiah in Jesus/Yeshua.

I might just quickly point out that the Dome of the Rock may not have to be removed before a Third Temple can be built. I have written a post about that HERE. If you haven’t read it and are wanting to know how this can be done then I recommend that you do read it to gain some basic knowledge about this issue.

Anyway here is what happened…

Israel might have just scored European Union support for finally allowing Jews the right to pray atop Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, the holiest site in the world for Jews and many Christians.

Whether or not it was her intent, EU High Representative Catherine Ashton on Friday issued a call for religious freedom in Jerusalem that by definition must also include Jewish access to the Temple Mount.

“The High Representative is disturbed by recent events in East Jerusalem such as those that took place at Orthodox Easter, the unrest in the area of the Haram al Sharif/Temple Mount and the temporary detention of the Mufti of Jerusalem. …It is essential that access to the holy sites in Jerusalem for peaceful worship for all denominations is fully respected,” said Ashton’s spokesperson.

For years Israeli police have denied Jews and Christians the right to pray, even silently, atop the Temple Mount for fear of sparking a Muslim riot. Islamic officials follow every Jewish and Christian group visiting the holy site to ensure this restriction is obeyed.

The European Union has never before supported Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount, and Ashton herself views the presence of Jews on the eastern side of the holy city as an obstacle to peace. As such, it is highly unlikely that she intended to throw her weight behind true freedom of religious expression for Israeli Jews in Jerusalem. [source]



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  1. I agree, and I feel like the scenario could be that the UN and the Muslim nations put pressure on Israel to agree to a kind of temple or worship place being built ONLY in exchange for sharing Jerusalem as a capital city, making it the capital of “Palestine” . Plus, the EU is fundamentally Catholic and is looking to its own interests in allowing churchgoers to freely visit the “holy sites” at festivals – we could be looking at a three-way religious agreement here, which would definitely result in an ecumenical tribulational “temple” ready for the AC.


  2. In 2000- PLO Yasar Arafat gave the VATICAN control over the TEMPLE MOUNT.The Last time anyone tried to go there & was Jewish- it started an Intifada.The Vatican? wants to set up a THRONE for the POPE there-EXO VATICANA Book says that Last POPE- FALSE PROPHET bring in the Apostasy-others say that the Vatican creted Islam to get control over Jerusalem $ Satan.Vatican believes? in Aliens- says it has Proof-QUEEN of HEAVEN- riding on BEAST- Ashtar & Lion of Babylon-BAAL-Symbl of the EU? EU works together with Vatican & UK Royal Society & UN- NWO & OWR! It’s all toge5her so that SATAN can unite His babylonian Kingdom again & is trtyiong to get Control of Jerusalem for the upcoming LIEN MESSIAH -who hasSpirit of BAAL Please pray because the Vatican &/or Women of Israel may have set yup an Altar for ASHTAR again-or The Alien Messiah It’s the Same Spirit of BAAL & ASHTAR from Ancient Babylon-BABYLON the WHORE Experts in Greed- who worship GOLD & SILVER are behind it too-The RULING ELITE who are in these Secret Societies etc!



  3. I have been to the temple mount and witnessed first hand muslim guards walking around preventing Jew or Christian from praying.

    For whatever reason the temple mount was returned to muslim control shortly after Israel recaptured Jerusalem..???!!.

    It is certain to become an even more important piece of real estate in the very near future.!!.


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