VIDEO! Proof of Nephilim Hybrids as Described in the Bible

I have read stuff on the “Starchild” many years ago. I have also spent some time researching those elongated skulls found in Peru. Something is amiss here. It really does sound like there’s a possibility of alien hybrids having been around for some time. The book of Enoch describes “The Watchers” coming down and seeding with the women here on earth. They taught mankind all sorts of technology that was beyond humanity at the time. There has been debate as to whether or not the Book of Enoch should have been included into the Canon.

Josephus also documented the thought at the time, that “The Watchers” came down and seeded with mankind. In the book of Daniel we have a rather obscure verse speaking about a certain mingling of seed with mankind in the end days.

So, make of it what you will. It’s all very interesting and WAY out there when we think of the possible ramifications of Alien/man mix. I say “Alien” but what I mean is fallen angel/Demons. The nephilim could very well give rise to the antichrist. With our technology on fast track able to explore things that were only dreamt of ten to twenty years ago, the future could look very different from what it does now.



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  1. The problem with the Peruvian elongated skulls is that it was a practice in those days to bind the head of babies with a board to produce this aberration deliberately.
    I was checking out 4 of the most important ‘alien remain’ findings quite recently – and sadly, when it came right down to the DNA, not one was proved to be truly ‘alien’…yet according to The Bible, they surely did walk amongst us – and most surely do again…


    • We do have to be very careful. The one thing that doesn’t make sense to me… or should I say two things is this. The head capacity is around 25% bigger than today, as far as I know, binding wouldn’t do that? And the other thing is that there are only two parts to the skulls… these skulls have only one suture line joining the back to the front, we have three parts to our skull. The frontal bone forms the forehead. Two parietal bones form the sides of the cranial roof. Two temporal bones form the lower cranial sides. The Peruvian skulls don’t have the two parietal bones. The fact is that the discovered skulls sometimes have double the content of a human skull. Many skulls are also missing certain cranial sutures that we have, including the frontal suture and the sagittal suture. Others, however, have an additional suture, which runs diagonally over the forehead. The bone of these skulls is often also much thicker and firmer than ours. I have to admit that puzzles me, and it may well be a genetic deformation that was prevalent in the ancient Peruvian people and that is why these heads are misshapen. Interesting topic to say the least.


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