The little known prophetic time line…

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Are historicists and preterists right? Are futurists right? Are poeticists and idealists right?

Regarding prophecy, is it just the ONE way of these four ways of interpretation? Is that how the Jewish understood prophecy?

What if all were right AND all were wrong? What does that mean? How can that be?

Listen to a sermon by Jacob J Prasch who sheds light on this most important topic. He discusses the way in which we should interpret prophecy/eschaton by explaining the Jewish way of interpretation. In a very simple manner he lays it all out for us, and I guarantee that you will come away challenged and with a much better understanding of why the current modes of interpretations are all sorely lacking and very flawed. This is a DO NOT MISS this sermon!

By popular demand – Jacob looks at Bible prophecy as vectors converging and gaining momentum as the final days approach. He demonstrates this by looking at the speed in which the First Coming of Jesus was prophesied and fulfilled. [LISTEN HERE]


The Daniel Project

The Daniel Factor

If all of this has piqued your interest, you can watch the full documentary “The Daniel Project”. I have heard that this may only be available in certain countries at the moment. But give it a shot and see if you can watch something that has many people talking all around the world.

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    • The first link is an mp3…. that is the sermon by Prasch. He explains about the Vectors and the Jewish interpretation of prophecy. Hope you manage to get some time to listen to that 😀

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  1. Thanks for posting! I need to take some time off from work to catch up on everything… if that’s possible 🙂


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