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Sometimes there is a topic that just keeps popping up in society and MSM. One of them is homosexuality. A lot of Christians have become so accepting of homosexuality that they refuse to see what the bible actually says about it. They believe that the bible either doesn’t say what the ‘FUNDY’ Christians say it does; or that it isn’t culturally relevant for today. Liberal theology and liberation theology go hand in had in this case.

Typically today, if you speak about what the bible says using sound interpretation, you are labelled a homophobe and/or bigot. Understandably, this topic IS a very sensitive one for those who are homosexual and it’s a very sensitive one to those who believe that God and the bible has the final authority on such matters. It really does depend on what authority you use. Subjective/or Creator God and His Word. But I will get to that later.

I have several gay friends, and they are just like everybody else, they are nice and have great strengths and attributes. I have had the opportunity to explain why God finds homosexuality an abomination and what that actually means … most people are clueless about this. It’s not really rocket science. And if explained properly it can be done in love. When I explained it to my gay friend (one in particular), they were tearful, challenged, and they said that they had never had it explained that way to them before. I could see the wheels of their mind going into overdrive. It was quite amazing to witness. We hugged and I told them that God and I loved them. Look to the cross and you will see how much.

It’s all about how marriage and sex is a representation of God and His salvation plan.

Sex in a Christian marriage represents Jesus going inside of the Church, causing the Church to be fruitful. When someone goes inside their wife they are entering God’s Temple. It is a holy thing. It does not mean it is not erotic, it does not mean there is no romance, it does not mean there is no pleasure in it, but it does mean it is a holy thing, reserved for those who have been sanctified by Jesus. One of the reasons that sexual immorality and sex outside of marriage is so evil in the sight of God is that it is meant to reflect Christ’s relationship with His bride for whom He gave His life. [Jacob Prasch – The Shadow of the Beast]

Ephesians 5, we saw that Paul was describing marriage now as a mystery, as a sacrament–a sacramental mystery that is meant to reflect Christ and the Church. Now that Christ has united himself perfectly and permanently to the Church as to His bride, He has endowed Christian marriage with sacramental grace, with specific powers that we need to live out this indissoluble covenant bond.

We are all created by a creator God, this is just one of His attributes. He is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We have body, soul and spirit too. WE reflect this image perfectly. As HE is creator, we create too, through father, mother and child. That is a perfect reflection of a Triune Creative God. What a wonderful way, what a beautiful reflection.

It is clear to me that anything good in this world, Satan wants to destroy. That includes marriage, the one thing that God ordained right from the start. Marriage is an absolute insult to Satan as it represents God’s image and Satan obviously really HATES that. It’s NOT surprising to me that the political agenda behind the homosexual movement will attack God’s image reflected by marriage!

It use to be an hidden agenda, but now it seems that as the homosexual movement has gained ground, the goal has become ever more apparent. You would have to be blind not to see it, wilfully so. The link provided at the top of this post shows you what this political agenda is, and in their OWN words. Please visit it and hear it for yourself.

It’s not being paranoid, its actually taking on board and validating their own goals and hopes for what they think is their future. Christians have been saying the same thing for so many many years. Christians have been laughed at, and mocked for talking about how the attack was on marriage itself and had less to do with equality itself. I was somewhat mocked the other night when I spoke of the slippery slope. It was all rather strange. Let me tell the story…

I was sitting there with secular friends ( I do have a lot of great secular people in my life) and this person who I was introduced to, sat down next to me. Right off the bat they started talking about their ‘FUNDY’ Christian mother and how their mum is such right wing and a homophone and a bigot. They went on to say how they are so left wing and that it was no surprise that they clashed and that it drove them nuts.

This was how they introduced themselves!!! … No, how are you, what nice weather we’re having, isn’t it nice to celebrate a mutual friends birthday! I was kind of expecting this introduction to be honest with you, as I overheard them do this to various little groups at the party. How strange!

Anyway, after they had their say… I just laughed and I said, don’t be to sure of yourself, you will be making some kind of judgement call on relationships at some point in the future. It’s all very well to call someone judgemental, but I guarantee you that you will be making a moral judgement in years to come.

It’s all a matter of what you use to back your judgement up… in your case, it’s subjective, in mine and your mother’s…. well, it’s NOT our view it’s our creator God! They talked over me a lot…I’m not sure if they heard me. At the end of the very one-sided conversation they did admit that EVERYONE judges, but they doubt that this slippery slope argument will come to fruition.

HAHAHA…. yep, haven’t we ALL heard that one before. As in the days of Noah. Lot/Sodom/Gomorrah ring a bell.

Just let me get back to this whole subjective/authority thing just quickly. I had another friend who was debating me on homosexuality. They asked if I could do them a favour and watch a film called “Prayers for Bobby”. It’s about a young guy who was raised in a fundamentalist Christian home and he had a same sex attraction. He kills himself because of the lack of acceptance. Sad, sad story. He paid with his life.

The truth of the matter is this. Acceptance and tolerance does NOT mean sanction. Why should this bullying mentality continue. What the homosexual political agenda wants is to destroy the sanctity of marriage. Again, think of what the political agenda actually is. Think about how Satan really HATES God and anything that represents him, EVEN within secular marriages! What an affront to him.

Anyway, this movie is heartbreaking I admit, but it does have an agenda. To deny this is to obfuscate and is disingenuous to say the least. Sadly I see it as exploiting one families story for political gain. It’s ONE of many similar stories, of this I have no doubt. But there are many stories that show quite another side.

Heard of Sy Rogers? You should google him. He was a proud gay activist in the US for many years. He was only a few weeks or months away from having an operation to become female. He became a Christian and now is a strong advocate for God’s Word and His creative plan for His life. In fact, MANY reformed gays have come to understand that homosexuality = death. See HERE for one story. I am sure there are countless stories on both sides of the fence. This creates a problem. Can we really use these two opposing stories to validate our views? I know that in this case, the left wingers would use a different story to a right winger. So which ones right?

So here we have two different stories and with two different outcomes. It’s a matter of which one is validated and how it is validated. Can we validate either of these two stories by their outcomes? NO, we can’t. They end in such different ways. Subjective validation does NOT suffice in this case. Both can’t be right, both can’t be wrong.

How should we validate these stories then? The obvious answer for bible believing Christians is by going to the Word of God and seeing all the reasons why God instituted marriage in the first place; understanding what marriage actually represents and understanding the reasons why it would be attacked for what reasons and by who. THAT is where we fight from.

It is NOT a personal thing, even though sex and marriage and relationships are a very personal thing. It’s an IMAGE of God thing. 


An Ex-Gay Speaks Out


  1. An excellent piece and very helpful for explaining God’s view of marriage and homosexuality. I am afraid it is the norm for those of a “left wing” persuasion to rudely ignore or speak over those with an opposing view.


  2. Thanks for your thoughtful post about marriage. My ex wife thought she was gay, but now realizes she was deluded. My experience is that God’s ways are right and God’s word is true & we can always come back to it. People’s opinion can change & society can change but God & God’s doesn’t change. One is left with the question, if something has changed, who has moved? There’s an interesting story here about someone who’s been there and come out the other side http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2013/january-february/my-train-wreck-conversion.html?start=1 & http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQ_YI6INTQU & a book at http://www.amazon.com/Thoughts-Unlikely-Convert-Professors-Christian/dp/1884527388


  3. Reblogged this on razbury and commented:
    Excellent. However, I fear most won’t see the homosexual agenda as an attack on God sanctioned marriage. They want their SIN accepted as non-sin, which is unbiblical, therefore impossible.
    We all sin. Own it, confess it, repent.


  4. Some of the people that I have comes across in the last few years who have had same-sex attraction (wanted, unwanted, and ambivalent) have gone through much the same as me. Many struggle with knowing on the one hand that same-sex sexual expression won’t satisfy- though it does gratify- and knowing in part that only Jesus can feed their needs. But one message I often hear is, When I finally act out it feels amazing. I must be born this way because otherwise I wouldn’t like it so much. It does feel great to finally eat the forbidden fruit at some level: finally the internal battle is over, with no regard to cause and consequence . But is it ideal and innate, just because it ‘feels good’? In Proverbs, Solomon writes (14:12, 16:25) There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death. That “way” is sin: it is NOT natural (because we were not made to sin, but to live in right relationship with God) but something has infected out soul/spirit/body to make us crave sinful things. It’s forever crouching at our heart, our door (Prov. 4:23), seeking to master and destroy us. Like Cain, God calls on us to master sin by the power of Christ (Eph. 6: 13-17, Titus 2:11-14) but like Cain we often don’t even talk back to God and ask for His help and ignore Him as if He’d never said anything (Gen. 4: 6-7), instead shifting responsibility and looking for a sympathetic ear (Gen. 4:9) as if God doesn’t know what’s going on in our hearts.

    But the truth is that sin, though it isn’t natural, it SEEMS natural; and perception, as the psychologist say, is everything. Those false perceptions and feelings have been influenced by experiences, not words, and acting out of them reinforces the wounds and fills them with something that soothes, momentarily. It’s anaesthetic to stop the pain, and after all who wouldn’t be addicted to something that hides pain and produces euphoria? That’s exactly what other addictions- drug, alcohol, shopping, food, sex, relationships- do. But it’s not the ideal. It puts sand in an empty tummy: the stomach may recognise it initially as food and not respond, but soon it will sense it as a poison and cramp. That’s what sin does, only people are adept at fleeing their pain and indulging sin to avoid the deeper stuff (Romans 1:18-19). But it’s not natural. It wars against the soul and costs people eternal life (Rev. 21:7-8). A very horrible consequence for something that seems so “natural”, if only it were natural. But it isn’t. No-one’s sin- even the seemingly ‘natural’ sin of heterosexual promiscuity, is ‘natural’. Like rubbing an eye with a dirty, muddy finger, and creating an infection worse than the original itch, giving into sin only makes things worse even when initially it feels so good.

    Same-sex sexual desires feel so much a part of our nature because our sexuality is such a key part of who we are: our hopes, dreams, desire for love and connection is bound up in it and it is a profoundly spiritual act between two people that mirrors God’s connection with His creation. Many sins, though, are like this- people would never sin, otherwise, if they truly believed that they have nothing to gain from it! But there is a better way- get to the roots of the sinful desires, that they may be crucified in order that better desires (Ps. 37:4) will emerge. THOSE will meet the deeper needs, that you will not want to return to self-destruction that seems natural (Ps. 107:10-16). Only then can you truly experience life to the full as we have all been MADE to do.



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