The Scarlet Thread…


With all of the bad news happening around the world I wanted to just share with you the biblical story of Rahab. Her walls of her world were about to crumble, yet she had faith and tied the scarlet thread in her window so that she would be protected. I found this reflective piece from Charles Spurgeon and thought that today, some of you would like to read this, you may even need this.

I have also shared a poem that I wrote quite a few months ago. I hope you find this a timely post.

God bless you all


“She bound the scarlet line in the window.”

Joshua 2:21

Rahab depended for her preservation upon the promise of the spies, whom she looked upon as the representatives of the God of Israel. Her faith was simple and firm, but it was very obedient. To tie the scarlet line in the window was a very trivial act in itself, but she dared not run the risk of omitting it. Come, my soul, is there not here a lesson for thee? Hast thou been attentive to all thy Lord’s will, even though some of his commands should seem non-essential? Hast thou observed in his own way the two ordinances of believers’ baptism and the Lord’s Supper? These neglected, argue much unloving disobedience in thy heart. Be henceforth in all things blameless, even to the tying of a thread, if that be matter of command.

This act of Rahab sets forth a yet more solemn lesson. Have I implicitly trusted in the precious blood of Jesus? Have I tied the scarlet cord, as with a Gordian knot in my window, so that my trust can never be removed? Or can I look out towards the Dead Sea of my sins, or the Jerusalem of my hopes, without seeing the blood, and seeing all things in connection with its blessed power? The passer-by can see a cord of so conspicuous a colour, if it hangs from the window: it will be well for me if my life makes the efficacy of the atonement conspicuous to all onlookers. What is there to be ashamed of? Let men or devils gaze if they will, the blood is my boast and my song. My soul, there is One who will see that scarlet line, even when from weakness of faith thou canst not see it thyself; Jehovah, the Avenger, will see it and pass over thee. Jericho’s walls fell flat: Rahab’s house was on the wall, and yet it stood unmoved; my nature is built into the wall of humanity, and yet when destruction smites the race, I shall be secure. My soul, tie the scarlet thread in the window afresh, and rest in peace.

The Scarlet Thread…

I want to tie the red scarlet thread across the window of my soul.

It may seem insignificant but if I look through the window of my soul and see the scarlet thread then I will see His love.

Do I dare to see through my window at the dead or at the hope without first seeing the scarlet thread?

What is hope without the scarlet thread?

Can the dead live again without the scarlet thread?

Who will see this scarlet thread that I have tied in obedience to the window of my soul?

Though the walls around me will be broken, mine shall remain safe because of the scarlet thread tied to my window.



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    • I really needed to post something more uplifting. The Lord is with us, no matter what we are going through. We must hold on to Him and pray for the Holy Spirit to strengthen us. đŸ˜€


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