Media goes into coverup mode concerning Ohio church shooting…


Ohio: Son shoots father in church, screaming, “This is the will of Allah,” media goes into coverup mode.

A few days ago I wrote a post about the persecution of our brothers and sisters in countries other than the West. I also mentioned that in the West, we are lucky enough to have democracy but our liberties are being taken away because of terrorism.

Today, here is an example of that. The MSM is NOT addressing the issue of Islam which is ideologically opposed to any democratic country. The MSM as well as the western governments are in fear! They have become dhimmis and this is just the first step towards social upheaval. Do you honestly think that those who live in democratic countries will continue to play the game and not stir the pot. Ummm… well, perhaps they will, just look at Nazi Germany. History may very well be repeating itself and apart from a few brave souls who speak out against an ideological belief system that affords no rights toward women, or those of another faith, and even stones, hangs and beheads their own family members for some kind of family dishonour, the majority stay deathly silent.

Well, I say NO MORE! I will continue to blog about it, I will continue to FB about it, I will tell anyone who walks into my front door that the world is spinning out of control. I will share the gospel, I will explain that Allah and God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are NOT one of the same. I will show them the wonderful grace of a loving Father who sees us through His Son and sees no sin in us as we have been washed by the blood of Christ, compared to Allah who wishes that take the path of Jihad as there is no greater honour than killing and being martyred for Allah, the moon god the one of thousands of demons, if not satan himself. I will explain that Islam and Muslims have Mohammad as their role model. A role model who was a pedophile, rapist and murderer, compared to Jesus who says those who live by the sword, die by the sword… love your neighbours as your self and that Jesus never lifted a finger against anyone. I will endeavour to learn more about Islam, that sick ideological political system so that I can pass on any information that the MSM is fearfully NOT telling anyone. Oh, and DON’T listen to those Muslims on MSM who say Islam is a peaceful religion… please understand that they are moderate and ignorant of their own faith, or they are lying to you as is allowed within that ideological system. I have a two posts on that one, HERE and HERE. Who can really blame them when the Qur’an openly states many times that Allah is the ‘best deceiver’. The root word used in these verses is Makr which means deception. Oh yeah… Allah and God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is the same god!?! Oh for goodness sake, clearly those who think that have not read either the bible or the qur’an and I say they are historically ignorant too.

Anyway, that’s my beef for today. I SO needed to write this post.

In the Risen Christ




5 thoughts on “Media goes into coverup mode concerning Ohio church shooting…

  1. Yeah, I watched a news video on the whole thing that never said a word about the religion issue, or Islam, or anything. It figures! Protect the tribe of Ishmael–according to the Holy Bible…a wild and unruly people (wild asses, to be precise).


  2. Gen 16:12, And he will be a wild-ass of a man, his hand against every man, and every man’s hand against him; and he shall dwell before the face of all his brethren.


      • What really blew me away today is that it is all over the news that Muslims want to behead homosexuals. Yet, they are accepted, protected, and covered for in this nation. However, a Christian merely tells a homosexual that their lifestyle is a sin, yet shows them love and kindness and is mocked, scorned, blasphemed, and cursed. Makes no sense!

        So a Muslim can tell a homosexual that their lifestyle is wrong, and, they can curse them, spit on them, and behead them..and hey, that’s all no big deal.

        But a Christian offers a homosexual love, and shares the truth at the same time, with love, and is condemned to hell!

        Isn’t there just something wrong with that? Uggh! Every gets worse and worse.


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