What Will Follow The Death Of The Petrodollar?

We all see it on the horizon. We have watched in horror at what happened in Cyprus, a microcosm of something much bigger and perhaps something that the world will go through. Our money just won’t be there!

Here is a post from Vine of Life proposing possible scenarios following the collapse of the Petrodollar. This is only Part One of an article, another will follow in the days ahead. I’m really looking forward to reading that one.

The Federal Reserve is preparing to install feudalism following the currency collapse. How would you like to rent your own house from the bankers that are preparing to steal it from you?  This is exactly what  has been set into motion.If you didn’t hear, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals made it legal for the banks to steal your deposits. The banks and government of Cyprus (is there a difference?) are preparing to steal depositors money which is a beta test for the big prize, personal United States banking accounts. Don’t think for a moment that these events are not contrived by the bankers to get as much as they can, of the public’s assets, in as short of time as possible in this time of crisis. The banksters clearly know what is coming and they are in the process of stealing your assets in order to soften the blow of a collapsing dollar and their “Golden Parachute” will be awarded to them courtesy of your hard earned assets.Surely, there must be something that can be done to avert this coming train wreck? Can’t the United States simply employ economic sanctions and force Iran to its knees?

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